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October 11 2019 - Four months, 50 reviews! is live for four months now and I just published my 50th review - on the Aukey T10. The leaderboard is getting a bit crowded with so many rated true wireless earphones, isn't it? That's why I applied price filters, so you can now directly compare TWS that cost the same. Hope it helps you to easier compare wireless earphones you're eyeing!

Shanling MTW100 ear tips accessoires.jpg

October 4 2019 - Day of extremes
Wow. More and more manufacturers of true wireless earphones know how to find me, and send out their earphones to me, to test and review. Lovely. It means the amount of TWS I currently have, piles up a bit.

Today, I published reviews of two extremers. The Umdigi Upods are by far the worst TWS I've heard so far, and I gift them my One Star - TRASH verdict. On the other side, the Shanling MTW100 shifts the expectations from what is possible from truly wireless earbuds under $100 - it's amazing and gets my five stars.

I've also reorganized the homepage a bit. If you have strong opinions on that, don't be afraid to contact me about it.

September 12 2019 - Focussing on what I really like
I've decided to change my focus of a bit. Instead of trying to be the most honest reviewer on all wireless earphones, I'm reverting to what really gets my heart beating faster: discovering amazing audio for amazing prices. That's why I'm changing the mission of this site to finding the gems, the best wireless earphones under $100.

For that matter, I've ordered the Sabbat E12 Ultra (requested multiple times), Pamu Slide, Whizzer B6, Whizzer E3, Umidigi's brand new Upods, the Edifier TWS5 and Edifier TWS1 and the Baseus W01. I expect to receive the brand new Tranya B530 soon. Until then, check out my review of the very curious Aipower Wearbuds.

By the way - I now awarded the Wavefun X-Pods 3/ Ytom T1 a 5 star rating, as it is one of the most complete TWS choices you can make for under $50.

September 2 2019 - Back
Back from holiday, I'm starting up everything again. Creative reached out to me to test their Creative Outlier Air, which I happily will. I just ordered another battery beast under 100 dollars too: the Pamu Slide, which was requested by quite a few of you. With the Outlier Air, Slide, Mifo O5 and 1more Stylish TWS, definitely expect to see a comparison on TWS with big battery life in the future.

Still, this is a hobby project. Let's remind myself of that too. ;-)

August 17 2019 - Brand new updates
What a week this has been. I've written a handful of new reviews and published three guides I'd wanted to write for quite some time: the best cheap wireless sports earbuds, the best Apple AirPods look-a-likes and of course, the best sounding wireless earphones under $50.

Also, I've added an option to sign up for my newsletter in the future. You can find it underneath every page. Last but not least, there's now find a Support me via Paypal button in the footer. <3

And now… it's time for a vacation. :-)

August 12 2019 - Speeding up, slowing down
Changing a former hobby (listening to music and relaxing) into something like this site, almost feels like a second job now. It turns out it's a bit too much to take in. In order to regain control over my work and hobby, I'm speeding up and slowing down. I'm spending this week to review my backlog on sub 50 dollar earphones, and write lists I wanted to write about them. I'll consider them the mid 2019 guide to best budget wireless earphones.

Then, I'm taking a vacation and try to get my act together again. See on how I continue to do this.

This kickstart of this week? My guide on the best cheap Apple AirPods-like truly wireless earbuds is online, along with the Tiso iX and SoundPEATS TrueCapsule reviews. Enjoy. :-)

August 10 2019 - is live for a month!
And has seen 5608 visits and 15.338 pageviews so far. Thank for all the kind words in your mails and comments! If you know anyone looking for wireless earphones, don't hesitate to share with them. :-)

August 9 2019 - A review with a heavy heart
I published my KZ T1 review, and it hurts to me to only hand out a three stars score. It definitely ranks higher on sound quality. But as much as I love the sound and the brand, the KZ just isn't a very good all round wireless earphone. :-(

August 8 2019 - Many new arrivals
Whoah. Not only did I receive my ordered KZ T1 (review coming soon) and SoundPEATS TrueCapsule, Tiso also sent out their brand new Tiso i5 and Tiso iX to me. On my request, Samsung Netherlands sent me the Galaxy Buds for review purposes, and thanks to audio online shop from my hometown in the Netherlands, I’m able to test, review and compare the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, Master & Dynamics MW07, RHA TrueConnect and B&O Play E8 the upcoming weeks. Many thanks, GetLoud - that’s awesome.

August 5 2019 - Changes in review scores
I've decreased the score of the Wavefun X-Pods 3 from 5 to 4 stars due to its muddy bass. The musical score on the Jabra Elite 65t, is now 4 stars instead of 2 however. I decided to reward the musical score for what it is (balanced), rather than what's it not (dynamic). The overall score is now 4 stars instead of 3. Listening and comparing earbuds is a learning process, isn't it?

July 29 2019 - Anbes 359
I decided to give the Anbes 359/ Kissral R18 a lower score. With the lower mids not as refined as the budget king QCY QS2 and with the sound quality of many same prices newcomers rapidly improving, I've decreased their score from 5 to 4 stars.

Oh, I also added a link to this changelog on the Home page. :-)

July 27 2019 - Three new earphones ordered
Got a request for a review of the Anomoibuds IP010 Plus. I wasn't aware of that model, but it seems interesting enough, so I've ordered it. Thanks, Ahnick! I've also ordered the SoundPEATS TrueCapsule and the Havit G1 to test and review.

July 27 2019 - Started the changelog
I decided to start this changelog for Ultimate Transparency Purposes. :-P To keep track of the latest articles in progress, orders, additions and interactions via contact forms. :-)