The best cheap TWS true wireless earphones under 25 dollar

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The market of ultra cheap true wireless earphones is rapidly expanding. There's an incredible amount to choose from on sites like AliExpress and Amazon - and they just keep on coming. Hopefully this article can be your guide: these are the best cheap TWS true wireless earphones under 25 dollar.

Since 2017, I'm devoted to test the best affordable earphones and other audio products. It started with wired earphones and headphones - then, around the start of 2019, I started diving into true wireless earphones. Just to see if they are any good.

They were. I kept on buying models and discovered that most of them are surprisingly better than you may expect for the money. But surely not all are fine - it's absolutely necessary to separate the good from the bad.

As of now, I've extensively tested many popular and high rated Chinese true wireless earphones from AliExpress and Amazon. Earphones are always tested on sound quality, comfort/ fit, battery life, charging, pairing, connection quality, call quality and audio - video synchronisation. You can see the reviews for all models on my true wireless earphones leaderboard. This article is a summary.

What to expect from the best under 25 dollar true wireless earphones?

  • About 3 to 3,5 hours of play time on a single charge

  • Charging cases that charge the earpieces fully 3 to 5-6 times

  • Great connectivity: take them out of the box and they pair and connect instantly

  • A comfortable and steady fit for most ears

  • Excellent audio quality for the price

To take away the hassle of reading and comparing all reviews, I've put my top five recommendations on ultra affordable, great wireless earphones in this list.

This list will be updated - last update July 11, 2019

So here we go: these are the best TWS true wireless earphones under 25 dollar:

1. Anomoibuds Capsule TWS

Best true wireless earphone under 25 dollar

Anomoibuds Capsule TWS IP010-A review.jpg

The Anomoibuds Capsule TWS, also typed the IP010-A, is the most versatile pair of true wireless earphones under 25 dollar, including great sound quality.

The bean-shaped earpieces of the Anomoibuds Capsule (full review here) stick out of your ear a slight bit, but due to the round form factor, they still are comfortable and fit fine in medium sized ears. You control them easily by a button you press once for play/ pausing a song and two times for skipping a track. They go about 3 hours on a single battery charge, and can be charged up to three times fully from the incredibly compact and handy charging case.

The Anomoibuds Capsule/ IP010-A has an always present sweet bass, which can also pump nicely and controlled when the music asks for it. It doesn't overpower the other aspects of the music. Vocals and instruments are brought forward and come trough clear, with warmth and clarity. The sound has some spaciousness to it too, with details coming in from close by and further away.

The Capsule is not the most detailed sounding wireless earphone under 25 dollar - that honour goes to the number two on this list. The Anomoibuds, however, have two mayor plusses over the number two. They can go loud on both iPhone and Android AND they offer near-perfect audio video synchronisation on iPhone, which happens to be a rarity - even on way more expensive true wireless earphones.

An engaging bass, fun sound and perfect video synchronisation even on iPhone: the Anomoibuds Capsule TWS is the most complete true wireless earphone for under 25 dollar.


most detailed sounding TWS under 25 dollar

QCY QS2 in white, QCY QS1 with a smaller charging case in black

QCY QS2 in white, QCY QS1 with a smaller charging case in black

The QCY QS1 and QCY QS2 are the most detailed sounding true wireless earphones under 25 dollar.

Vocals and instruments just shine on the QCY's. They play the main role here and play with huge clarity. It's possible to hear details like breathing gasps in voices - and in easier songs, you can place the instruments around you.

The QS1 and QS2 offer a delicate bass. They deliver less bass slam than the Anomoibuds, but they do have a more weighty sub bass that knows when it needs to rumble deep. Most of the time however, the bass on these is supportive: they give the music a nice warm oomph, but mostly leave room for the excellent mids and highs.

There are some reasons why it doesn't take the crown in this comparison however. The first of all being the comfort of the earpieces. They are a bit more square and are a bit bigger than the ones on the Anomoibuds, creating less comfort. The fit is also a bit tricky: you may need to readjust the QCY's one or two times in your ears before you get that sweet, detailed sound.

Another two notes: the volume doesn't go very loud on Android. And while audio video synchronisation on Android is fine, it isn't on par on iPhone.

The earpieces of the QCY QS1 and the QCY QS2 are exactly the same. The only difference between the models in the size and the lid on the charging case. The QS1 charges the pieces up to three times fully, while the QS2 can charge them around 5-6 times.

When you have an iPhone and don't care for watching YouTube or Netflix with your earphones, these should be your go-to choice. The QCY QS1/ QS2 deliver an insane sound quality for their money.

Please note: The QCY QS1 is the same wireless earphone as the SoundPEATS Truefree or the QCY T1C (
full review here). The QCY QS2 is also available as the SoundPEATS Truefree Plus and the QCY T2C (full review here).

3. Haylou GT1

Best cheap wireless earphone with touch controls

Haylou GT1 Mini TWS review.jpg

The Haylou GT1 is another pair of great ultra cheap true wireless earphones. It sounds good, it's compact, comfortable and has good functioning touch sensitive buttons.

The upside on having touch sensitive buttons, is that you don't press an earpiece further into your ear when pressing the button. Instead, a touch of your finger on the center of the earpieces is enough to control them. Press once to play/ pause/ take a call, press twice to skip a song. You may pause the music on accident some times, yet it works like a charm.

'Charm' is also a good way to describe the musical qualities on the Haylou GT1 (full review here). It walks a fine line between a bassy and a balanced sound. The bass is always pleasantly present, happy to make a song sound uplifting or give it a little punch. Middle and higher frequencies are well represented too, with male and female vocals sounding clear. The GT1 produces a sweet, allround sound with even some spaciousness to it.

It's an achievement for the size of the product. The ear tips are less broad than those of the QCY and Anomoibuds, and fit smaller sized ears better. The charging case is among the tiniest you can get, with the aforementioned Capsule. You can just take the case and the Haylou GT1 everywhere.

4. Tiso i4

Great bass boosted wireless earphone

Tiso i4 true wireless earphone 20 dollar bass lovers.jpg

Another great truly wireless earphone under 25 dollar? The Tiso i4 is recommended especially for bass lovers.

First things first: the shape of the Tiso i4 is something to get used to. The earpieces are less round than the competitors, and have some sort of L-shape you may have to twist in your ear a bit. Unfortunately, you have to press the buttons on the earpieces quite hard to control them.

Much is compensated by the sound quality of the Tiso i4 (full review here). It's no question that the bass is dominant here. It doesn't pulsate in your ear and it doesn't go very deep, but it's absolutely heavy. The bass and lower mids, like drums and bass guitars have to the upper hand in the sound. To compensate for it, vocals are brought forward too - giving the Tiso i4 an engaging, uplifting sound when listening to them at higher volumes. On lower volumes, unfortunately, the Tiso i4 doesn't offer much else besides bass notes.

The sound signature of the i4 works especially well in dance, hiphop, pop and other modern genres - a little less with rock. If you like the original design of the Tiso i4 charging case and the earpieces, and you like a strong bass in your songs, don't hesitate to go for them.

5. Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

A clear sound for podcast and audiobook lovers

The Redmi Airdots (black) are smaller and more comfortable than their predecessor (white)

The Redmi Airdots (black) are smaller and more comfortable than their predecessor (white)

The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots may not be the best TWS wireless earphones under 25 dollar - it's still a package with great looks, video synchronisation even on iPhone and a clear sound.

The Redmi Airdots (full review here) just look a little more clean than its competitors. The case has an original oval shape and offers great build quality, the earpieces are well designed as well, with a single button on both sides. You only have to press it gently to play/ pause the music or... to activate the voice assistant of your phone. Unfortunately, there's no way to skip or return a song on the earpieces - a miss.

Clarity is the main power of the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots sound, with instruments like violins, piano, jazz instruments and (female) vocals coming in crystal clear. Even while on the move, the Redmi Airdots will definitely be pleasing for podcast and audiobook lovers. Lower tones and the bass are the victims of this sound signature however. There's little to no detail and presence in the lower frequencies, thus making the sound a bit cold and overall not very detailed.

Truth is, the lack of bass may be a plus for some. If you want a pair of true wireless earphones that's great for watching videos without delay (on iPhone and Android), listening to podcasts and audiobooks, it's safe to consider the Airdots.


I hope this comparison on true wireless earphones helps you select the right one for you. If you plan to buy one of the items in this list, please consider doing it with the links in this article.

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