The best true wireless earbuds for sports under $50

Comparison: cheap Bluetooth earphones for sports, running and working out

Meet the Cowin KY02, Havit G1, Havit I93 and 1more Stylish TWS

Meet the Cowin KY02, Havit G1, Havit I93 and 1more Stylish TWS

If you're looking for cheap TWS true wireless earphones especially for sporting, running or working out, you want Bluetooth earbuds that won't fall out of your ears. Fortunately, there are quite a few affordable earphones that come with ear hooks to provide a tight fit. These are the best true wireless earbuds for sports under 50 dollars.

On, I review true wireless earphones ranging from 10 to 150 dollars. At the moment of writing this, I've tested and compared 35 models. I test their sound quality meticulously, but also compare them on fit and comfort, build quality, Bluetooth connection, controls, and their calling and video-playback capabilities. Both indoors and outdoor, and even while walking and biking.

Recently, I got a couple of questions what the best cheap TWS for sports purposes is. That's why I wrote this guide - I hope it helps.

When it comes to wireless earphones for working out, running, sports, and biking, there are a few aspects that require more attention than usual.

Choosing true wireless sports earphones - what is important?

  • The fit: You have to be sure the wireless earphones stay in your ears. I've tested almost 40 truly wireless earbuds now. For this list, I only selected the best ones with ear hooks or rings to keep them in your ears, no matter how extreme you sport or work out.

  • Waterproof: While a waterproof level doesn't say everything about how good earphones can resist rain, it's important to know the earbuds can survive a sudden rainfall or just… your sweat.

  • Sound quality: When you move real quick or intensively, you can't hear the same amount of detail in the music you would normally hear when listening to music in a concentrated way. The most important aspects on the sound quality when sporting, is a clear sound and a present, uplifting bass.

With this testing criteria, I've taken a selection of the wireless earphones under 50 dollar, which are most suitable for sports, workouts, fitness, and running sessions.

This list will be updated - last update August 14, 2019

Here are the best true wireless earbuds for sports under $50:

1. Cowin KY02

Best cheap true wireless sports earbuds - $40

Cowin KY02 review best cheap wireless sports earbuds.jpg

The Cowin KY02 may not look like a pair of Bluetooth earphones made for sports, but the addition of rubber ear hooks make it a blast. It's a solid allrounder with above average battery life.

The IPX5 waterproof Cowin KY02 (full review here) comes with three sizes of ear tips and different sized rubber ear hooks, which can be pulled on the relatively small plastic earpieces. The ear hook slides in the top of your ear, making sure the Cowin KY02 has an incredible sturdy fit. At the same time, they're NOT too tight. On some other sports earphones, you may feel your heartbeat from your inner ear while you run, work out or move. That's not the case here.

From the earpieces themselves, you can play and pause the music by pressing the right bud twice and skip or return a song by holding one of the earpieces two seconds. The controls are touch-sensitive and prevent the earpieces from moving deeper in your ear with every press. That's excellent news for comfort, but unfortunately, the KY02 doesn't respond great to your touches. Even pausing the music can be hard sometimes - something to take into account.

The Cowin KY02 has an engaging sound, with a quick bass that is capable of a good kick, but one that doesn't overpower the other frequencies. Instruments such as guitars and male and female vocals get all the room to breathe and sound very clear on the KY02. Whether you want to work out on dance or heavy metal: the Cowin has you covered.

The sound quality, tight fit and 4 hours of playback per charge, makes the Cowin KY02 the best sub $50 true wireless earbuds for sports.

2. Havit G1

Cheap wireless earbuds made for sports - $40

Havit G1 Review cheap sports wireless earbuds.jpg

The Havit G1 is a very affordable pair of true wireless earphones specifically designed for sports. They are the preferred choice to the Cowin KY02 for extreme outdoor purposes.

The earpieces aren't the only things about the Havit G1 (full review here) that are IPX5 waterproof. The distinct design of the charging case has a rubber flap protecting the charging port, that can even be attached to a backpack or belt. The lid is held firmly in place with strong magnets.

The earpieces of the G1 have a playtime of 3,5 hours per battery charge. They have a layer of rubber to protect the clickable buttons and contain a sweatproof rubber on the inside. With the three sized ear fins you can wrap around the earbuds, they stay tight and safely in your ears. The pieces can feel a bit big, though.

The sound of the Havit G1 is surprisingly bright. It has a big emphasis on the mids and higher tones, making male and female vocals sound crystal clear. The bass isn't the most powerful on the G1, and lower mids such as bass guitars and drums lack a bit of body - the Cowin KY02 has a better balance.

However, if outdoor use is essential to you, do consider the waterproof earpieces AND charging case of the Havit G1.

3. Havit I93

Wireless sports earbuds with a big battery backup - $30

Havit I93 review sports earbuds.jpg

The G1 isn't the only pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones from Havit suited towards sports. The Havit I93 is another option to consider, thanks to the big charging case.

The charging case on the Havit I93 (full review here) is just as waterproof as the one on the Havit G1, but it's almost twice as big. It has a massive 2200mAh battery to recharge the earpieces fully around 8 times, and it can be used as a power bank for other devices thanks to the addition of a standard USB-port!

Every full charge gives the IPX5 waterproof Havit I93 around 3,5 hours of playtime. You can control the earpieces with clickable buttons. Press once to play or pause the music, use a long press to skip or return a song. Those presses can be a bit painful, as you're pushing the earpieces into your ears a bit.

Compared to the other Havit, the I93 offers a way more bassy sound, making them more engaging for sports. The bass isn't as quick as on the Cowin KY02 - it can be a bit bloated, but it's still definitely there. Mid-frequencies for vocals and instruments like guitars and pianos, sound quite clear. The sound quality may not be on par for critical listening, but it's definitely sufficient for sports purposes.

Need a pair of sports earbuds with a battery backup to last an entire trip? The Havit I93 is your choice to pick.

Other recommendations for cheap true wireless earbuds for sports

1more Stylish TWS

If you're okay with spending a little more than 50 dollars, the 1more Stylish TWS (full review here) is definitely worth a look. The 1more TWS, also known as EP1026BT, is regularly priced around 70 dollars, and offers the most engaging sound quality of this list. It has a sweet, deep, pumping bass that will really lift you, especially in modern music genres like pop, dance, and hip-hop.

1more Stylish E1026BT review TWS.jpg

The 1more comes with three sizes of rubber rings which you put in the top of your ear, making the fit comfortable, but still tight enough. The controls are on top of the earpieces, preventing you from pushing the earpieces deeper into your ear by pressing them. The 1more Stylish doesn't come with an official waterproof rating but it can withstand light rain. And the best thing? Its battery lasts around 6 hours on a single charge. Recommended!

Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds

Consider the Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds (full review here) the runner-up in this list. The Tronsmart delivers a real uplifting sports sound signature, with hard pumping bass and emphasis on vocals - ideal for workout genres like dance and pop.

Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds review.jpg

The IPX5 waterproof earpieces come with three different sized ear hooks, which you twist in the upper part of your inner ear to get a great, tight seal. There's only a small portion of the earpieces in your ear, making the fit comfortable as well. The biggest part of the touch-controlled bodies is outside of your ear - which unfortunately, looks a bit weird. Another downside is that the battery of the charging case seems to die quicker than average. The playtime of three hours per charge doesn't stand out either. But hey - there's a real big bass to be had here, if you're into it.

Havit G1Pro

The Havit G1Pro or G1 Pro is a newer version of the Havit G1 mentioned in this list. I haven't reviewed it, but Havit is clear about the changes it has made for this newer version. It now supports an IPX6 waterproof level, to survive heavier rains as well. Another difference is the charging case can now be charged wireless as well, by putting it on a charging plate. You will have to decide if these improvements are worth it for you: the Havit G1 Pro costs around 30 dollars more.


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