1more Stylish E1026BT review: Balanced sound, good value

TWS true wireless earphones - under $100

This Tranya T3 shines to the outside world - and shines for the listener too

FOUR STARS - 1more conquered the market of wired earphones by being a Chinese trendsetter with good and affordable models. Its first true wireless earphone isn't as 'stylish' as it name suggests, yet offers good value for money.

1more Stylish TWS E1026BT specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC and AptX codec

  • +-6 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully +-3 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes eartips and micro-USB cable

  • $70 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU/ UK - check current price!

Design, charging and comfort

While many true wireless earphone manufacturers design the earpieces as little as possible, the ones on the 1more Stylish E1026BT are surprisingly big. The stick out your ear by design, with just the inner part and the ear tip in your ear. The relatively large bodies are held in place by ear hooks that come in three different sizes, of which one should fit in your inner ear, making for a comfortable and steady fit - even for sporting.

The large pieces have a 55mAh battery inside of them, providing around 6 hours listening time on the earpieces. A sweet score.

Unlike the name of the 1more 'Stylish' E1026BT suggests, there's little style to be discovered on them. They're made of a matte black plastic, happily not too sensitive to fingerprints, but still black plastic. The 420mAh charging case (good for 3 around times of full charging) is just as plastic. The 'big pil' scratches easily by keys and other sharp objects, yet is very sturdy. It opens by an easy press of a button - an even addictive press. Unfortunately, there are no charging status indication lights on the case. The comfort of the earpieces itself more than make up for it.

Connectivity and controls

The best thing about the earpieces though, is the control button on top of them. The placing is brilliant and should be trendsetting for other buds. Pressing them doesn't acquire much force and you won't press your earpiece further into your ear, like you do on so many competitors.

Unfortunately, 1more kept the controls maybe a bit too simple. Play-pause by pressing once, press twice to skip a song and hold when not listening to music, to activate the voice assistant. It's an ideal scheme to also implement volume changing - for example like the triple press on the buttons of the Sabbat E12 - but it's not possible. A miss, especially considering the price.

The connectivity on the other hand, it top notch. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection of the 1more Stylish TWS is stable, works good for 10 meters and earpieces connect and pair like a charm.

Calling and watching movies

Due to the outward position of the 1more Stylish E1026BT TWS earpieces and its microphone, call quality is okay. It's easy to be heard to the other end of the line, coming in a bit tinny maybe, but clear.

Watching movies works great on Android, with minimal audio latency, like most competitors. Unfortunately, movies on YouTube on iPhone don't offer audio video synchronisation.

Sound: Balanced, yet a bit congested

The 1more E1026BT supports the AptX codec, but don't stare blindly on it. It doesn't automatically mean the sound is better, more refined than competitors. It merely paves a technical way for passing on more details - it doesn't mean it automatically does.

The 1more delivers a noteworthy balanced and full sound signature, though. Rather than offering an immersive bass (like the Tranya T3), emphasis on higher tones (like the Sabbat E12) or emphasised lower mids (like the Mifo O5), the 1more sounds a bit more natural. No harsh notes, no overly pumping basses, no vocals pushing away guitars or other mids.

Its sound is full and pleasantly warm, yet gives instruments and electronic enough of room to breathe in easier going songs. It's easy to hear instruments and vocals coming in from different directions. In more crowded pieces though, music can sound a little congested, a little closed in.

The soundstage of the 1more Stylish is a bit on the small side, smaller than on the Tranya T3 — and because of its less forwarded higher notes, it’s a little short on sparkle and detail for this price.

The E1026BT counters it with its tonality, which seems accurate in vocals and instruments. More so, this is a sound signature you can listen to for hours. It's not tiring, it's not sharp, it doesn't put you at the edge of the seat. The 1more delivers a balanced, full bodied and friendly sound for for most music genres.


The 1more E1026BT Stylish TWS is a great sum of parts. It's comfortable, offers a good fit, controls like a breeze, has a great battery life and sounds nicely balanced. A great choice for many.


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