Anbes 359 review: Fun UFO-like wireless earphones

TWS true wireless earphones - under $50

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FOUR STARS - The UFO like design of the Anbes 359 (or Kissral R18) is without a doubt, one of the most original and also fun designs for a pair or true wireless earphones. Happily, it also offers good comfort and sound quality.

Anbes 359/ Kissral R18 specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • IPX5 water proof

  • +-4 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully +-4 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and micro-USB cable

  • $25-30 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU/ UK - Check current price!

While still listed as the Anbes 359 or Kissral R18, these UFO TWS earphones are barely delivered under those brand names anymore. You will likely receive a generic branded or non-branded UFO true wireless earphone instead.

Design, charging and comfort

The flying saucer like case of the Anbes 359 isn't opened by lifting up a lid, but by sliding the black layer over the grey area, opening up the two holes in which the earpieces reside. Once you get the hang of it, sliding the case open isn't just easy, it's actually fun to play with.

The earpieces are shaped like some sort of water drip, and one of the smallest designs on any affordable truly wireless earphone. The disappear in your ear almost completely, instantly creating a good seal in your ear. Unlike what you'll expect from the look, they have real buttons - resulting in pressing the earpiece somewhat deeper in your ear when you control it. Their black buttons actually cover up round shaped lights, lightning up to indicate connectivity and pairing.

Still, the Anbes 359 is definitely a comfortable pair, even suited for bed or when you're laying down otherwise - they just barely stick out of your ear. The 4 hour playing time and 4 times recharging capability of the UFO case are also accelent scores for their price just north of 25 dollar.

Connectivity and controls

Although it's sometimes advertised, it's not possible to change the volume up and down on the earpieces of the Anbes 359. The controls are restricted to play/ pause (press once), skip or return a song (long press) or activating the voice assistant with two presses. Happily, because of the already snug fit fit, it isn't too annoying to press the buttons: the earpieces can hardly go deeper in your ear.

The connectivity on these UFO TWS is very acceptable. The earphone holds its Bluetooth 5.0 connection steady up to 10 meter, although it may lose connection a tiny second every now in then in areas crowded with wireless connections. The connection between the earpieces itself is good, and pairing them is as easy as taking them out of the charging case.

Calling and watching movies

Calling and watching movies are two things you don't want to use the Anbes 359 for. The call quality is terrible, with your voice sounding distant, muddy and even regularly fading away for the other end of the line. A clear consequence of the deep in-ear design.

Watching movies is okay on Android, however the sound has very noticeable delay on iPhone - especially in YouTube.

Sound: Balanced and airy

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As stated before, the Anbes 359 seems to be one of the most beloved affordable true wireless earphones. It's easy to understand why. Not just because the earphones block out outside noise quite effectively.

The Anbes is a balanced sounding wireless earphone. Mids and highs are detailed and have some space around them, creating an airy sound. In easier going songs, instruments like drums, piano's and guitars are easy to place. Vocals sound clear, upfront and vivid, without overplaying their role.

The bass on the Anbes 359 isn't the most powerful. It doesn't dive as deep as on the also balanced sounding and excellent QCY QS1/ QS2's, nor does it offer more presence. It's there when it needs to be, and when it does, it behaves well. It can kick, but it doesn't punch heavy, boom or float. The QCY handles a sudden increase or bass attack better than the Anbes, yet the difference is minimal.

If you love a more balanced sound, the Anbes is a great choice to make. On iPhone, the QCY just offers a little extra warmth in the lower mids and extra spark in the sub bass. On Android however, where the volume levels of the QCY QS1 can't quite please, the Anbes is possibly the cheapest good balanced sounding earphone.


With its fun and original design, comfortable fit and 4 hour playing time, the Anbes would already be a good deal. The balanced sound quality on top, makes it an even better deal. Especially on Android.

Four STARS - very good

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