Ausdom TW01 review: Everything OK

TWS true wireless earphones - under $25

This Tranya T3 shines to the outside world - and shines for the listener too

THREE STARS - The bigger the market is on TWS truly wireless earphones around 20 dollar, the harder it is to pick out the pearls. The Ausdom TW01 does everything okay - and nothing exceptional.

Specs of the Ausdom TW01:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec

  • +-3 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces 3,5 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes eartips and a micro-USB cable

  • $20 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU/ UK - check current price

Design, charging and comfort

If anything, the Ausdom TW01 likes to live an anonymous life. The all black 600ma charging case barely shows the brand name, and the earpieces itself don't show them at all. They're just plain back, small enough to be comfortable in most ears.

The bigger than average charging case results in the opportunity to charge the earpieces fully for 3,5 times, a tad more than average.

The earpieces itself look quite simple. Not cheap, not great. They're bean shaped with a small round button on the center, and are just a bit smaller than competitors like the QCY QS1 and the Anomoibuds Capsule, offering an easy fit. Pressing the button doesn't hurt your ear, happily.

Unfortunately, the light of the earpieces blinks even when your using them, which isn't ideal for usage in bed...

Connectivity and controls

Taking the earpieces out the case connects them with your device straight away, putting them back in, disconnects them again. A single press on the button of one of the earpieces, pauses or plays the music, or takes a call. Pressing right twice skips a song, pressing twice on the left, goes back one. Long pressing them, turns the earpieces off.

Activating your voice assistant, redial or changing volume is not possible.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is stable and works for around 10 meters distance between your device and the earpieces. The connection between the left and right earpiece is flawless too, even when on the move.

Calling and watching movies

The Ausdom TW01 offers flawless audio video sync on Android, and does it good on iPhone too. Synchronisation is not entirely on point in the YouTube app, but the delay may be too little for some to even argue about it. It still fares better than sound quality class leader QCY QS1 or QS2 and many more.

Call quality is average for bean shaped Bluetooth earphones like these, even when walking in the wind. You will sound distant, soft and a bit muffled to the other side of the line though.

Sound: Average Joe

The Ausdom TW01 has real buttons, still they don't push too deep in your ear

The Ausdom TW01 has real buttons, still they don't push too deep in your ear

The sound of the Ausdom TW01 is slightly V-shaped, like so many other affordable truly wireless earphones. That means that in an equalizer, the bass and the higher tones are emphasised, creating a V-shape. The bass is by no means an unbearable powerhouse here however, like some of the other cheapest models. It doesn't slam heavily, it doesn't rumble very deep either, it just gives the music a nice, warm presence.

The emphasised higher tones and vocals sometimes are a bit blown up however. While they do well in easier going singer songwriter songs, music can sound shouty in more crowded dance or rock songs, urging you to lower the volume a moment.

Instruments in the middle frequencies such as guitars, can sound recessed a bit and miss on detail. In crowded music pieces, the Ausdom TW01 has a bit of a problem coping up, resulting in a flat sound rather than a dynamic one.

It's safe to say the sound is decent - but that's kind of where it ends.


The Ausdom TW01 is the kind of pair of earphones you can gift to everyone… except audiophiles. They sound okay, they play video decent, they have decent call quality and they look... indifferent. A jack of all trades, a master of none.


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