Haylou GT1 review: Small, smooth sounding greatness

TWS true wireless earphones - under $25

This Tranya T3 shines to the outside world - and shines for the listener too

FOUR STARS - The Haylou GT1 Mini TWS is a side project of QCY, that delivered the incredible sounding QS1. It raises hope for the Haylou GT1 - and it doesn't disappoint. Especially if you like a little more bass.

Specs of the Haylou GT1 Mini TWS

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec

  • +-3 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 3 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes eartips and a micro-USB cable

  • $20 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU/ UK - check current price

Design, charging and comfort

The Haylou GT1 is probably the most portable set of Truly Wireless Earphones (TWS) released up to this date, June 2019. It has a battery charging case that's barely bigger than the two earpieces next to each other. Portability was never an issue with this category earphones, but Haylou takes it to the next level. Just drop your case in whichever pocket you like - you'll always have room for it.

Like the case, the earpieces itself are compact as well. They're well rounded and comfortable in medium and also smaller sized ears. The fit, of course, depends on the size of the three pre-delivered ear tips you choose. If you feel the bass well, you'll know you'll have the right pair. The earpieces go about 3 hours on a single battery charge - comparable with all competitors in this price range.

Because the buttons on the GT1 are touch capacitive, pressing them won't push the earpieces deeper into your ear. The GT1 is compact and comfortable.

Connectivity and controls

The earpieces of the Haylou GT1 connect and pair automatically when you put them out of the case, and disconnect when you put them back in. They control well with their touch capacitive buttons too. Unlike for example the first generation Xiaomi AirDots, it's hard to accidentally press them, because of it's center placement and slight need to press it.

Pressing once pauses the music or takes a call, pressing twice skips a song. Unfortunately it's not possible to change the volume on the earpieces, a thing it has in common with most of the TWS earphones in this price class.

The connection on the Haylou GT1 is good. It holds a connection for around 10 meter, and the Bluetooth 5.0 connection still fares well when on the move or moving yourself.

Calling and watching movies

There are little TWS sets of 20 dollar that tick all the boxes, and the Haylou GT1 is no exception. On iPhones, the audio doesn't sync with video on YouTube. It fares without problems on Android phones and with Netflix though.

Calling, too, is about as average as it can get on this form factor: it's not as crystal clear or good as it will be trough your phone. You decide how important these factors are for you.

Sound: Pleasantly present bass

Charging cases don't get more compact than these two: Anomoibuds Capsule and Haylou GT1

Charging cases don't get more compact than these two: Anomoibuds Capsule and Haylou GT1

In comparison with the class leading QCY QS1 and QS2, the bass is surely something to be felt on the Haylou GT1. There's plenty of it, especially in the mid bass segment delivering a nice slam when the music demands it. It offers less sub bass, yet it still manages to rumble once in a while. The bass is pleasantly present here - it's done in a right way.

That may sound stupidly logical, but it's a rarity on many 15 tot 25 dollar TWS earphones. On models like the DFOI AirBuds and Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds, that target bass lovers, the bass can sometime push away other frequencies. It's not the case here. It sounds quite balanced even.

Middle and higher frequencies are well represented, with male and female vocals sounding clear, even though they're not very upfront sounding. Instruments like guitars and violins too, aren't pushed really forward, but they are nowhere near repressed either.

The Haylou doesn't offer the incredible amount of detail or placement of the QCY QS1 or the brightness of it's vocals and instruments, but it's definitely a sweet, allround sound overall with even some spaciousness to it. Happily, its volume goes a lot louder on Android than the QCY's too.

The best way to describe their sound? Balanced with a bass. A friend to all.


Add everything up, and the Haylou GT1 offers a good fit, good touch controls, sweet balanced-bassy sound and an insanely portable charging case. It's one of the best TWS earphones you can get for 20 dollar.


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