Honor FlyPods Lite review: These AirPods fail to convince

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TWO STARS - With the FlyPods Lite, Huawei's sub brand Honor does a fair imitation of Apple's AirPods. Unfortunately, it fails to convince where it matters.

Huawei Honor FlyPods Lite AM-H1C specs:

  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • +-3 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully +-4 times

  • Comes with 5 sizes ear tips and micro-USB cable

  • $55-80 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU/ UK - Check current price!

Design, charging and comfort

The Honor FlyPods Lite truly 'honor' their original inspiration, the Apple AirPods. They use the same shiny white, are about as big as the Apple AirPods and also come with tap controls on the earpieces. They are also just as comfortable, even though these are total in-ears rather than Apple's half in-ear designs.

For the first time using, you have to long press a button on the charging case to set the earphones up with your device. Once you've done that, the FlyPods will connect automatically to your device as soon as you open the charger - so they're likely already connected once you put them in your ear. Once in, they can last around 3 to 4 hours when listening to music.

The average sized charging case has the same shiny color as the earpieces and can charge the earpieces around three times fully - a very average amount in low cost wireless earphones. Unfortunately, the FlyPods come in around 70 to 90 dollar - where the battery performance of the case and the earpieces is under par.

Connectivity and controls

While the earpieces switch on automatically if you open the lid of the case, other aspects of the Honor FlyPods Lite connection aren't as flawless. The earpieces independently, regularly give a beep stating they lose connection between each other. Or they have dips, loosing the sound in both earpieces and not giving you a beep at all.

The Honor FlyPods Lite use touch controls on the earpieces above the stem. A double tap on the right plays/ pauses the music, double tapping the left side activates the voice assistant. There's no skipping or returning a track on these, and neither is it possible to change the volume.

The FlyPods automatically pause the music when you take on of them out. A neat trick, but unfortunately you'll have to activate the music manually again when you put them back in your ear. Besides that, the touch controls barely respond well. You'll end up pressing way more than two times to activate the music again - or to pause it. It becomes a hassle when you want to double tap the earphone with an incoming call. Speaking of which...

Calling and watching movies

Call quality is quite okay on the Huawei Honor FlyPods Lite, without a doubt thanks to its long stems. While your voice may sound a bit tinny for the other end of the line, the microphone output is stable and even handles your voice okay when there is a loud background noise.

When you have an Android phone, you can download an FlyPods Lite app to improve the call quality a bit - although it doesn't make much of a difference. iPhone users don't have the same option.

Watching movies comes with a noticeable delay in the YouTube app on iPhone. It goes a tad smoother on Android, but don't expect true lip sync.

Sound: A bit shaky

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The Honor FlyPods Lite sound quality is decent. They have a sound signature that can both be labeled warm and clear. There's a noticeable emphasis on the upper mids and highs, which puts vocals on these in a center position, but can also be a bit overbearing, entering harsh territories on higher volumes - and sounding shaky at times. The FlyPods can't always handle their own emphasis on these frequencies.

The FlyPods Lite have an average amount of bass, capable of supporting the music with a thump, always present but never overpowering. The sub bass can generate some rumble, and the mid bass can deliver some slam desired in dance and hip hop tracks.

Typical mids, ranging from bass guitars to piano strokes, regular guitars and violins however, are heavily recessed - making the Honor FlyPods Lite sound a bit thin. Clear - but thin.

Different competitors in this price range sound much better. The 1more Stylish TWS offers a more entertaining, full sound; the Sabbat E12 has more detailed highs and the Mifo O5 offers a relaxing, more refined sound. All three have considerable better battery life too - both things you may expect for this price.


The Huawei Honor FlyPods Lite aren't bad, but they are lacklustre in comparison with other true wireless earphones in this price category. It's easy to get better connectivity, controls, sound quality and battery life for this price.


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