Mifo O5 review: True wireless for work and travelling

TWS true wireless earphones - under $100

This Tranya T3 shines to the outside world - and shines for the listener too

FOUR STARS - The Mifo O5 is one of the most stylish, premium looking wireless earphone you can buy. And there's plenty more to it than looks.

Mifo O5 specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec

  • IPX5 waterproof

  • 6-8 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully +-15 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes eartips and micro-USB cable

  • $80 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU/ UK - check current price

Note: there are two versions available for the Mifo O5. This is a test of the regular, somewhat cheaper version. I didn't test the other ‘Pro’ version due to mixed reviews on that model.

Design, charging and comfort

It's a sight to behold. The packaging of the Mifo O5 is quite the introduction - with a neatly designed box, a manual describing the designing process (with more than a few bold claims), a bright yellow-green charging cable and, not to forget, the charging case and ear tips.

Just like the beautiful packaging of the product, the charging case of the Mifo O5 feels incredibly premium. It’s made from brushed steel with a silver lining to accentuate the lid. It’s big, it’s heavy and… it’s a beast of a charger. The ridiculous 2600mAh battery can charge the earpieces fully up to 15 times. And get this: the earpieces on their own let you listen for 6 hours straight at medium volumes. The Mifo O5 will last an entire vacation trip without charging, it’s that strong.

The ear tips themselves look expensive as well, with a metallic look outside and colored rings to accentuate the right (red) from the left piece (blue). The insides are made of plastic however, and are smaller and more round than the outside, making them one of the most comfortable wireless earphones out there.

One downside? The part to open the lid of the charging case requires a bit of nail to open them.

Connectivity and controls

There are two very tiny buttons on each earpiece — one on the left side of the silver plate, one on the right. They give you all the controls you want to have on the earpieces, even though you may have to get used to the setup. On the right side you'll play/ pause/ take a call with the button on the front. The other button will let you increase the volume.

On the left side, it's the front button that lets you decrease the volume, and it's the back button that is used for playing/ pausing/ taking a call. Study the controls for activating the voice assistant and rejecting a call before you use them - it may save you a fair amount of frustration.

What's special though, is that the tiny buttons are nowhere near too tiny to control with your bare finger tips. Because of their side position, you don't press the earpieces too deep in your ear too. Mifo found a way to make earpieces look stylish, yet give them all the desired functions right at hand.

Connectivity too is top notch, with the Bluetooth connection being stable up to 10 meters and in more challenging situations. Take the earpieces out of the charger and they connect and pair automatically - put them back in and they deactivate.

Calling and watching movies

The Mifo O5, like almost every competitor, delivers satisfactory video playback on Android. Unfortunately, the same doesn't apply for iPhone users. Audio and video don't synchronise at all on YouTube on an iPhone - it's one of the worst performers I've yet tested. The audio delay is a bit better on Netflix, but in Netflix too, the sound seems to be oddly lack of detail.

Calling on the Mifo O5 is done via the microphone on the pointy end of the silver part of the earpiece. In my ears, that pointy end sticks out just enough to offer decent call quality. The other end of the line may get the impression you're calling from a bathroom, but the sound is quite clear, even loud overall. The Mifo O5 has the battery, the looks and the call quality to use on a business day then.

Sound: A laidback approach

The Mifo O5 feels more premium than the Tranya T3 (left) and Sabbat E12 (mid)

The Mifo O5 feels more premium than the Tranya T3 (left) and Sabbat E12 (mid)

The sound signature of the Mifo O5 is perfectly adjusted to the great battery life the earpieces have to offer. It's tuned to listen to for hours on end, it seems - not constantly craving your attention. It seems like it's suited for a workday or as a travel companion.

Mainly, the sound of the Mifo O5 is decided by its smooth, warm bass, which is full bodied and resolves a good amount of detail. Unlike many competitors, the mids and highs aren't overcompensating for the bass presence of the O5. Vocals and instruments are certainly audible, yet they never play the main role. The lack of highs makes the O5 sound less, ‘airy’, detailed and precise than its direct competitors in this price range. Instead, the sound feels smoothed - but in a good, relaxing way.

The Mifo O5 doesn't reach the clarity of vocals and higher notes of the Sabbat E12, or the balance of the 1more Stylish E1026BT. Let alone the outspoken detail of the Tranya T3. It can be a disappointment if you're looking for an engaging, energising sound.

However: The Mifo has a sound that is especially suited for easy listening, long listening sessions. That, it does absolutely perfect.


If you're looking for a pair of true wireless earphones that are a perfection companion on your workday or on travels, the Mifo O5 are a great choice. They look premium, have all the major controls on the earpieces and offer easy listening for more than six hours on one charge.


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