Mpow T5/ M5 review: Great, great sounding wireless earphones

TWS true wireless earphones - under $50

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FIVE STARS - The Mpow T5 (also sold as Mpow M5) may just be the best sounding true wireless earphones for around 50 dollar. The T5 sounds balanced, natural and detailed.

Specs of the Mpow T5/ M5

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AptX codec

  • IPX7 water proof (sweat, heavy rain and shower resistant)

  • 5-6 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 6 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips, a micro-USB cable and a chord

  • $55 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU - check current price!

The Mpow T5 seems to be renamed as the Mpow M5. This then is also a Mpow M5 review.

Design, charging and comfort

The Mpow T5 don't look very special. The earpieces are bean shaped in a comfortable way. The ovals on the inside are smaller even than the already comfortable Haylou GT1 or the round shapes of the Anomoibuds Capsule. They have the same size as the Tranya T1-Pro. They feel tiny, yet snug in your ears. The bodies are just a tad longer than those of the T1-Pro, but they definitely don't stick out of your ears too far.

The charging case of the Mpow T5, on the other hand, is big. This isn't one you can just slip in your pants all the time. The finish is impressive however, with a kind of faux leather wrapped around it, the carved in Mpow branding on top and a solid hinge for opening the lid. It's very capable too. It can charge the earpieces 6 times fully, providing the earpieces north of 5 hours of playing time each charge. Four LED lights on the charger indicate how much battery the case has left.

Compared to other offerings in this price, such as the Tranya T3, Sabbat E12 and Mifo O5, you can easily say the Mpow T5 has a no-nonsense design.

Connectivity and controls

Speaking of no-nonsense: the pairing, connectivity and controls on the Mpow T5/ M5 are exactly what you would expect from them. The earpieces pair and connect automatically when you take them out of the charger and shut down once you put them in again.

A big plus is that you can also put the left earpiece in the case: the right one will keep functioning, making single use of the right earpiece very easy. Take the left one out again and they are immediately paired again. Impressive!

Controls are tight too. A single press plays/ pauses the music, two presses increases (right button) or decreases (left button) the volume. Holding the right button, skips to the next track, with the left one you return a song. Your voice assistant is activated by three presses on the right piece.

One little note, is that the Mpow T5 gives audible feedback to every action with a beep that nears annoyingness. On the plus side, pressing the buttons is easy and doesn't hurt your ears on this one.

Calling and watching movies

The Mpow T6 was one of the few true wireless earphones that managed to play YouTube videos on iPhone without very noticeable lag. Unfortunately, that trick isn't reproduced by the T5, which has an average audio video delay. The delay is purely YouTube iPhone-based, and can't be found on apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It doesn't occur on Android too.

The call quality on the Mpow T5/ M5 is a pleasant surprise for bean shaped earpieces, which, due to their shape, have the microphone far away from your mouth. As long as you're inside, calling fares fine on the T5. You'll sound a bit soft to the other end of the line, but you will be perfectly audible. Don't take them outside though - surrounding noises may fade your voice away totally.

Sound quality of mpow t5/ M5: genius

Small earpieces, big charging case, big sound

Small earpieces, big charging case, big sound

Some earphones and headphones manage to make everything sound effortless. Sound easy going, yet detailed, yet refined. The Mpow M5/ T5 does just that.

Properly balanced is the best way to describe the sound of the Mpow T5. The bass, mids and highs all work together to create a cohesive sound, that is just capable to play everything from pop to classical music, from hiphop to rock.

The bass of the Mpow T5 is exactly there where it needs to be. In a singer songwriter song, it doesn't try to take a foreground role, but the mid bass and the lower mids still give the music a warm tone. However, put on bass heavy tracks from an artist like Bonobo, and you'll notice its capabilities. Without reaching intrusive levels, the bass delivers a good punch, a lovely kick. The sub bass doesn't go as deep as on the bass-lovers-paradise Tranya T3, but still rumbles and dives when asked for.

The mid tones and higher notes are the star of the show on the Mpow T5 however, coming in crystal clear and with natural tonality. Music sounds warm when it needs to, cold when it is intended to sound could - such as on tracks from Aurora. There is a sweet amount of detail in instruments like drums and guitars - and also vocals. Both male and female voices sound detailed, yet natural - they aren't pushed as forward as on the QCY T3 for example.

Placement of instruments around you is great too. The soundstage isn't as big as on the Tranya T3, but it's still impressive. Music sounds airy, with excellent left-right stereo imaging. Furthermore, the Mpow also takes the little rough edges off the highs of the Tranya T1-Pro and T3, sounding less piercing and more smooth overall.

It's a great, capable, balanced sound.


The Mpow T5/ M5 is an excellent sounding true wireless earphone, suitable for all genres and recommended to all. Add a surprisingly good call quality, battery life, controls and impressive water proof level, and it's clear this Mpow is a winner.


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