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FOUR STARS - Do regular earphones fall out of your ear easy? It may be worth to take a look at the Mpow T6. These true wireless earphones provide a deep fit, and that's not all they have on offer.

Mpow T6 specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec

  • IPX7 waterproof

  • +-3 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 5 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes eartips and a micro-USB cable

  • $40 on AliExpress and Amazon EU/ UK - check current price

Design, charging and comfort

The earpieces of the Mpow T6 are more round than many competitors. On the inside, the earpieces are quite different actually. They have a very long nozzle to protrude deep inside your ear canal, and only carry a very small ear tip on top. Because of the round shape of the pieces, these are likely to go deep into your ear. They will probably feel a but full in your ear, especially at first, but do provide a very steady fit.

On top of that, Mpow claims these have an IPX7 waterproof rating. I'm not sure I'll take these out swimming, but they should survive a heavy rain fall or your salty sporty sweaty ears.

The charging case has the shape of a toy treasure chest. A fun feature is that you can charge your phone with it too, by plugging in a cable to your phone. It isn't the smallest, yet it is capable of charging your earphones fully around 5 times. Inside the case you'll see a triangle of indicator status lights. It's hard to figure out what the colours stand for exactly, but it seems as if blue lights indicate the case itself is charging, and blue-green lights mean the earpieces are charging too. The earpieces itself show a green circle when charged. Inside of that circle, you'll find the controls.

Connectivity and controls

It's a good choice from Mpow to give the T6 touch sensitive buttons, rather than 'real' buttons meaning you would press the deep earpieces even further into your ear. Now, a single touch is enough to control the earpieces.

With that single touch, you play or pause the music, or take an incoming call. Pressing twice activates the voice assistant on your phone, long pressing the right button skips a song - on the left one, you return a song.

Connectivity is great on the Mpow T6. The earpieces automatically pair and connect when you take them out of the charging case, and disconnect again once you put them back in. The Bluetooth 5.0 signal holds steady for about 10 meter.

Calling and watching movies

Watching movies with the Mpow T6 is a blast on Android, but also on iPhone - which seems to be far more challenging for many true wireless earphones. The audio video synchronisation in YouTube isn't as spot on as the Anomoibuds Capsule or Xiaomi Redmi Airdots, but it comes close. It's relatively okay to watch videos on this one.

Calling, however, is not anywhere near recommended on these earphones. Call receivers will hear you very far away, and more environmental noise than they well hear you. 'Madness', someone described the sound quality to me. That's not good.

Sound: Full with a pumping bass

The Mpow T6 deliver a full sound directly in your inner ear

The Mpow T6 deliver a full sound directly in your inner ear

No matter how bas the call quality is on the T6, the sound quality for music is pretty good. The Mpow delivers a full sound with accentuated bass and upper mid tones and highs, often described as a V-shape.

It means vocals are brought more forward than the rest of the instruments, although mids and instruments still play an important role. The Mpow T6 delivers a fairly detailed sound, with different effects and instruments having their own place in the composition - some sounding close by, some sounding further away.

The bass has a nice slam to it, giving music a punch when it asks for it. It's ever present and 'bleeds' into the mid tones a bit, giving the music a nice warm feeling you can listen to for hours.

The sound is pretty much comparable with the cheaper Anomoibuds Capsule TWS, just this time around, vocals and basses aren't pushed as aggressively forward, and leave more room for spacious details.


The Mpow T6 is a capable true wireless earphone. It's suitable for watching movies and has great sound quality. The deep insertion is something you may have to get used to, but when you do, it provides a great, steady fit.


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