Nishen D015 TWS review: Generic earphones, generic quality

TWS true wireless earphones - under $25

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TWO STARS - The Nishen D015 TWS, available under many brand names, grew to be one of the best selling ultra cheap true wireless earphones on AliExpress. It sounds a bit muddy.

Nishen D015/ D015 TWS specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • +-2,5 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully +-3 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and micro-USB cable

  • $15 on AliExpress - Check current price!

The Nishen D015 TWS is available under many 'brand' names on AliExpress and Amazon. If you stumble upon a true wireless earphone that looks the same and carries the name D015, it is the same model. This then is also a D015 review.

Design, charging and comfort

The D015 TWS is made to be sold under lots of brands, something which can be seen straight away from the design of both the charging case and the earpieces. Both are in matte black without any brand specifications on the design. Both are prone to scratches, although that's the case with many more cheap true wireless earphones.

The quality of the charging case (500mAh, capable of charging the earpieces three times fully) is so-so. Opening the lid requires a lot of power and the charging slot is placed a bit out of center, requiring some fiddling with the charging cable.

The earpieces look clean, with their center oval silver ring the overal matte black design. The pieces are bean shaped; a little longer and more round than the Anomoibuds Capsule TWS and Xiaomi Redmi Airdots. They fit good in medium sized ears. If they don't standing up, you can still 'hang' them in your ear and remain a good fit. Unfortunately, they only last less than three hours on a single battery charge.

Connectivity and controls

Both earpieces have touch sensitive buttons. A slight touch is enough to control them, so you don't press them deeper in your ear while controlling them. Press once to play or pause the music or takes a call, press for two seconds to skip (right earpiece) or return (left) a song. Both make a 'beep' when activated. Pressing two times redials your last nummer - pressing three times activates the voice assistant of your phone. With redialing on the earpieces just asking for tho presses, you'll likely call someone by accident every now and then - a bit awkward.

Take the earpieces out of the case and they connect and pair automatically, put them back in and they start charging. Not all is good about the Bluetooth connection though. While stable in easy environments, it takes a hit in surroundings with many wireless signals. The D015 looses connection between your device and the earpieces, and the earpieces itself.

Calling and watching movies

As with most true wireless earphones, watching movies fares well on Android. On iPhone, it doesn't go as smooth. There is a slight audio lag when watching YouTube video's on an iPhone, although the D015 TWS still holds up better than the best selling QCY QS1 and QS2.

Calling on the D015 TWS is a disaster. The other end of the line will hear you far way, even inaudible. The microphone sound is incredibly muffled.

Sound: Where are the highs?

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To put it simply: the Nishen D015 TWS doesn't really do high notes.

Female vocals and instruments producing higher notes such as violins, are just cut off the musical score. The D015 only provides room for bass and lower mids. Mid tones like piano strokes and guitars are well presented, and the emphasis on lower mids, create a smooth warm sound. The bass isn't the most convincing. It doesn't really rumble and it doesn't slam either.

In general, the Nishen D015 TWS lacks detail and sounds muffled. The stereo imaging on my earphone fails too: the right earpiece is dominant and sounds a bit louder.

You can have a fuller, far more detailed sound for 5 dollar more. Compare the D015 with a competitor like the comparable priced Anomoibuds Capsule TWS, and you'll be shocked by the amount of the brightness of the sound and the extra amount of detail in voices and instruments they deliver.


The D015 TWS from Nishen and countless other brands may please people buying them at random, the same way many 2-5 dollar wired earphones on AliExpress seem to be okay for lots of people. However, if you want do more than background listening, a 2,5 hours battery life and terrible call quality, there are way better wireless earphones available.


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