Sabbat X12 Pro review: True wireless earbuds

TWS true wireless earphones - under $50

This Tranya T3 shines to the outside world - and shines for the listener too

FOUR STARS - The Sabbat X12 Pro may be the most differently designed true wireless earphones out there. It has an AirPod-like earbud design on the inside, but without the stems on the outside

Sabbat X12 Pro specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • +-5 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 5 times

  • Comes with a USB-C cable

  • $40 on AliExpress and Amazon US/ EU/ UK - check current price

Design, charging and comfort

The Sabbat X12 doesn't have a rubber eartip which will fill up your ear completely, like almost all of the competition. Instead, the inside carries the same shape as the one of the Apple Earpods and Airpods. It's an earbud with the speaker on one side. You don't push the Sabbat X12 into your ears - you hang them into yours.

It's not necessarily more comfortable than real in-ear solutions though. If you want the Sabbat X12 to stay steady in your ears, you'll still have to press them in your ear firmly to get a tight seal. If you do, the X12 Pro is still quite comfortable - and it will even stay in your ears while biking or walking. One word of advice though: a broad smile may push the earbuds outside...

On the front too, the Sabbat X12 does things different. You can get them in white-blue, black with nightly sparks on them or with a mixup of blue, pink and purple. Even though they're entirely made of plastic, they are lookers.

The 750mAh charging case comes with a USB-C cable and is capable of charging the earpieces around five times fully, on top of the earpieces itself lasting around 5 hours while listening to music. Those are way above average scores. The case also comes with four nifty LED-indicator lights showing the charge the case has left.

Connectivity and controls

The center button in between the coloured design of the Sabbat X12 Pro delivers great feedback and controls well, without pushing the earbuds too deep in your ear. Pressing them once plays or pauses a track and takes a call, pressing twice skips or returns a song, a long press activates the voice assistant of your phone and... with three presses, you'll increase the volume (right side) or decrease it (left). The Sabbat has all the important controls right on your ear.

The hardest thing about the connectivity on the Sabbat X12 Pro is that you have to insert the earpieces carefully in the charger, to charge them. Furthermore - it's all good here. They automatically connect when picking up and disconnect when putting back in properly.

Important note: in the past, there have been user reviews complaining they can't connect the left to the right earpiece after a while anymore. I didn't encounter it with mine, but it's good to keep in mind. -1 star

Calling and watching movies

If you have an iPhone and love to watch YouTube movies, you'll be missing out on perfect audio video synchronisation. There is a noticeable delay in the sound, although there are earphones that fare way worse. On Android, there's not much of a problem anyway.

When it comes to calling, the Sabbat X12 is a pleasant surprise. Even when you're in a crowded area, the other end of the line can hear you crystal clear. In test calls, I was even clearly heard when a bus passed by me - even though you can be a little low on volume to the other end of the line.

However, because these are earbuds, they don't isolate as well as other in-ear earphones. That means you will hear the same bus driving by you very clearly while in a phone call. When turning the volume up and especially in quieter areas like at home or in your office, you'll be able to have a perfectly normal conversation.

Sound: open and airy

These lookers deliver air, not too much bass

These lookers deliver air, not too much bass

Earbuds are different from in-ear earphones by design: they let in noise from the environment and have difficulty producing big amounts of bass, both because they don't seal in your ear optimally. The Sabbat X12 Pro underlines both of these characteristics.

The bass is definitely there, and produces a subtle yet uplifting bass slam - just don't expect any deep bass rumbles or a thump you can feel pumping in your ear. If you're not a big fan of too much bass, consider this one well suited for you.

Especially since the rest of the sound spectrum is well preserved on the X12 Pro. There's an emphasis on mids and highs, bringing vocals and higher sounding instruments like trumpets, violins and brighter piano strokes to the front. They all have their own place and sound detailed, clear. The tonality is great too - instruments sound like they should.

Some earphones make music feel like it's throwing a party directly inside your ear - here it feels as if there's a stage around you. Music never feels congested. It's open and airy.


Thanks to the earbud design, there's a lot of environmental noise coming right trough your music. Don't let it make you skip the Sabbat X12 Pro - the sound is detailed and airy, battery life is good and call quality is fantastic on this one.


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