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FOUR STARS - Has a charging case for a pair of true wireless earbuds ever been so compact, so likeable as on the Tiso i5? Probably not - and the case is not all the Tiso i5 has on offer.

Specs of the Tiso i5:

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • IPX5 water proof (sweat and rain resistant)

  • 4 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 6-7 times

  • Comes with six sizes ear tips and a micro-USB cable

  • $20 on AliExpress - check current price!

Design, charging and comfort

When it comes to the design of the Tiso i5, you can't miss the charging case it comes in. It's small, square, and downright cute. This little box could also contain a ring. It's the type of case you want to play with all day - just rotating it between your fingers. It holds the lid via a magnet. Once opened, you see the two earpieces laying next to each other.

The earpieces of the Tiso i5 are the same as its predecessor, the Tiso i4. It means they too are more square than the competition. They're square on the outside with a psychical button in the center, and then they corner towards the part you put in your ear. In the manual, Tiso advises you to put them horizontally in your ears and then twist them a bit to get the ideal fit. The shape means the Tiso i5 isn't the most pleasant truly wireless earphone to wear, but because of its small size, comfort is still okay.

No matter how tiny it is, the battery life of the Tiso i5 is excellent. The earpieces can play around 4 hours on a single charge, and the case can fully recharge them around six times. LED lights on the case indicate how much battery is still left.

One more note: the lights on the earpieces don't blink when you have them in - ideal for in bed.

Connectivity and controls

The connectivity on the Tiso i5 is excellent. The Bluetooth 5.0 powered earpieces hold a stable connection between the two earpieces and with your device for up to ten meters. It also fares well in areas crowded with different wireless signals.

Controlling them is a breeze, although pressing the buttons can be less comfortable because you press the earpieces deeper in your ear. The buttons have been softened compared to the Tiso i4, however, and easier to press.

A single press plays or pauses the music, by two touches on the right bud you skip a song, a double-tap on the left one returns a song. A long press activates the voice assistant on your smartphone. Controlling the volume, unfortunately, is not possible on the earpieces.

Calling and watching movies: surprise!

Unlike the predecessor Tiso i4, calling on the Tiso i5 is excellent! A pleasant surprise, seen the tiny earpieces with the microphone far away from your mouth. While some outdoor noises may disturb your calls a bit, your voice comes through with excellent clarity and a stable connection. Even outside it's possible to have a good phone call.

Video playback is perfect on Android. On iPhone, the audio doesn't synchronize with video on the YouTube app. A problem that occurs on 90 percent of the cheap truly wireless earbuds, unfortunately. Happily, audio-video synchronization is pretty good on services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Sound quality of Tiso i5: warm and bassy

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The Tiso i5 comes with two different kinds of ear tips, each in three different sizes. There's a smaller, more V-shaped ear tip, that's designed to let some outside noise come through your music. The alternative is a more traditional U-shaped ear tip, which completely seals and shuts you off from the outside world.

While the V-shaped ear tip gives the Tiso a more airy sound and is safer to use in traffic, the sound quality benefits by the traditional tips.

With the U-shaped tips, the sound of the Tiso i5 is much like that of the predecessor. That isn't a bad thing by all means, especially if you love a warm, bassy sound. The bass on the Tiso i5 doesn't punch or kick very hard but still delivers a sweet thump. An emphasis on the lower mids makes sure the music sounds warm.

Mid-tones like male vocals, guitars and piano's don't sound very detailed on the Tiso i5. However, they do sound clear and natural. The upper mids, for example in female vocals, are well controlled too. Higher tones are a bit rolled off, completing the Tiso's warm sound signature.

Only when pushing the volume up in crowded bass-heavy tracks, you'll encounter the limits of the small drivers, and you'll notice the bass can overpower the other frequencies. On regular volumes, the i5 handles Rage Against the Machine just as good as singer-songwriter music and modern dance tracks.

Compared to the Tiso i4, the sound on the i5 is a bit warmer, yet it's more detailed on lower volumes. And while the level of detail doesn't match the excellent QCY QS2 in this price class, it's still a vivid, versatile, pleasant picture altogether.


The Tiso i5 has a lot going for it in the crowded market of ultra-cheap truly wireless earphones. The ability to make a perfect phone call with them is unique - and the pleasant sound and superb compact case further help this make a great deal.

Four STARS - very good

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