Tranya B530 review: Almost flawless

TWS true wireless earphones - under $100

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FOUR STARS - A more compact case, great touch controls, and the same steady connection and build quality. The Tranya B530 outperforms its predecessors Tranya T3 and T1-Pro in some aspects, but it isn't the perfect set of earphones.

Tranya B530 specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • IPX5 water proof (rain and sweat resistant)

  • 7 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 5 times

  • Comes with 3 sets ear tips and a micro-USB charging cable

  • $60 on Amazon US and on - check current price!

Below this review you can find direct comparisons between the Tranya B530 vs Tranya T3, Tranya T1-Pro, Mpow T5/ M5 and Sabbat E12 Ultra.

Design, charging and comfort

The Tranya B530 let's loose of the grey-metallic design of its predecessors, the Tranya T3 and Tranya T1-Pro. It's also a model that trades in actual buttons for touch controls. The earpieces are now made from shiny black plastic, which doesn't look too cheap. On the sides, a slim green lining holds a T-shape within.

On the inside, the Tranya B530 offers a soft rubber in a small, pebble-like shape. The interiors aren't as big as on the Wavefun X-Pods 3, yet, the B530 can still feel a bit 'full' in your ear. The fit is secure and tight, however.

The charging case is a flatter version of that of the previous Tranya models. It still has a semi-see trough lid under which you can see the red lights of the earpieces when they are charging. On the outside, four LED-lights indicate the battery level of the case itself. The lights dim after a while. Neither do the lights on the earpieces blink when you have them in your ears - thankfully.

Battery life is better than on the other Tranya models and competitive in this class. The earpieces last around 6-8 hours on a single charge (dependent on your volume), and the case can recharge them around 5 times fully.

Connectivity and controls

It's ace Tranya lost the physical buttons of their previous earphones. There's no more pushing the earpieces deeper in your ear, as the touch controls of the B530 respond fast and light to the touch. A single touch is enough to play or pause the music. Tap twice on the right bud to increase the volume, twice on the left one to decrease it. The volume changes with steady, decent steps, making you in proper control of the loudness.

Skipping a song is done with a long touch on the right side; returning one with a long touch on the left. And your voice assistant? Tap three times on either side. A great control scheme.

Connectivity, once again, is flawless on this Tranya. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is stable up to ten meters and also works smoothly in areas full of wireless signals; whether you're walking, cycling or sitting at your desk.

Calling and watching movies

The call quality of the Tranya B530 is decent, especially when you're indoor. The other end of the line hears you loud and clear. Outside, surrounding noises may cause some hiccups - but overall, it's possible to make a more extended phone call with the B530.

Video playback is excellent on Android devices supporting Bluetooth 5.0, and the same goes for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other video services on the iPhone. The YouTube-app is the sole exception, with noticeable delay in the audio.

Sound quality of Tranya B530

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The sound of the Tranya B530 continues the Tranya 'family' signature that is set by the previous models of the brand, the T3, and T1-Pro.

Foremost, that means the B530 has an emphasis on bass. The mid-bass has a nice slam to it, and its sub-bass gives a sweet rumble. Like its family, the bass is not the quickest out there. It's generous and full, with long-lasting slams.

The bass area isn't the only weighty frequency on the B530. There's an accent on upper-mids and highs too. Male and especially female vocals sound very forward. They have the loudest volume in songs but are still nicely controlled. Tranya learned from the T1-Pro here, where highs could be a little splashy.

The emphasis on the bass and vocals, creates a bit of a problem on the Tranya B530, however. This truly wireless earphone sounds very good on easier going songs, with a bass that supports and can rumble and with vocals that really know how to make an impact. However - in more crowded songs, the bass and the upper-mids and highs may push the other frequencies away.

Mids like guitar strings, drum kicks, and piano strokes can drown in crowded musical compositions. The same problem occurs with the soundstage: on easier going songs, the sound is airy and comes from all around you. Throw more instruments and layers in the same song, however, and it can suddenly sound a bit closed in. Dance and instrumental songs are often fine, pop and especially rock may have a harder time.

Rest assured - the full, warm, engaging sound of the Tranya B530 will likely please many listeners. Critical listeners that want a steady bass and emphasized vocals do have better options, though.

Selected comparisons

Tranya B530 vs Tranya T3

Compared to the T3, the B530 has a more balanced sound. Both have an emphasis on the bass and the vocals, but the bass of the T3 has a bigger impact. The soundstage of the T3 is bigger, more impressive too. Highs are more controlled and refined on the B530. Comfort-wise, the touch-controls make the B530 better offering.

Tranya T3 review here

Tranya B530 vs Tranya T1-Pro

The B530 feels like a logical evolution of the Tranya T1-Pro, with slightly tighter bass and more refined, well-rounded vocals. Highs can be a little splashy on the T1-Pro, a problem that doesn't occur on the B530. While the T1-Pro has a slight edge on instrument placement, but the B530 offers a warmer, fuller sound.

Tranya T1-Pro review here

Tranya B530 vs Sabbat E12 Ultra

The B530 and E12 Ultra are different beasts altogether. The Sabbat is more shouty in the upper-mids and highs, which can sometimes sound a bit harsh, but also make for a more engaging and detailed vocal performance. The bass strikes harder than the Tranya's too. The B530 has more controlled highs and sounds more smooth.

Sabbat E12 Ultra review here

Tranya B530 vs Mpow T5/ M5

The Mpow T5/ M5 is the current best-in-class wireless earphone under $50, and it shows in this direct comparison. The Mpow has a bigger soundstage, better-represented mids and more precise instrument placement. It resolves more detail in the bass and the lower-mids and has a hefty bass-kick, which makes the B530 seem smooth.

Mpow T5/ M5 review here


The Tranya B530 is Tranya's most comfortable true wireless earphone to date, with great touch controls and a solid battery life. The audio performance on top is fine too - but with so many great competitors, there are even better choices to make.

FOUR STARS - very good

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