Tranya T1-Pro review: Another hit for Tranya

TWS true wireless earphones - under $50

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FOUR STARS - The T1-Pro is another excellent sounding true wireless earphone from Tranya, with looks that resemble the earlier released T3. Unfortunately, its comfort is attacked by its own buttons.

Specs of the Tranya T1-Pro

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec

  • +-5 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 7 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and a micro-USB cable

  • $50 on Amazon US/ EU/ UK and on - check current price

Design, charging and comfort

The Tranya T1-Pro looks a lot like the Tranya T3. Here too, the dark grey shells hold a metallic mirror-like big button in the centre. The shape of the earpieces is different though. While the T3 have big, pebble-like earpieces that will likely completely full your ear, the T1-Pro has a more standard bean shaped design. It's round design will fit most medium and bigger sized ears fine, if you take them in with the top aiming to the top or the backside of your ear.

The earpieces of the Tranya T1-Pro have buttons which require serious force to press them. While their controls are logic and good (see below), pressing them is all but a pleasant experience on the T1-Pro. Applying so much force in the middle of your earpiece, directly pushes the earpiece deeper in your ear. In this case, painfully so. Unlike other bean shaped designs like the QCY QS2 and Anomoibuds Capsule, I keep removing the earpieces here after I press a few buttons - just to release the stress in my ear, optimise the fit and make it comfortable again.

The battery life of the earpieces (5-6 hours on a single charge) and the medium sized charging case (recharges earpieces fully up to 7 times) are great however. The case, which is very sensitive to scratches, also shows its battery status with four LEDs if you put the earpieces back in.

Connectivity and controls

The control scheme of the Tranya T1-Pro is good, even though your comfort suffers when you press the buttons. A single press plays and pauses a track or takes a call. Pressing twice increases the volume (right) or decreases it (left), long pressing the buttons makes you skip (right) or return (left) a song. Activating the voice assistant is done by three presses. All important controls are in your ear.

The connectivity of the Tranya T1-Pro is once again, great. It holds a steady connection around 10 meters, also when moving or on the move.

Calling and watching movies

As with most bean shaped earpieces, the call quality of the Tranya T1-Pro is nothing to write home about. To the other end of the line, your voice will mostly sound distant and a bit like you're calling from a bathroom, even when you're outside.

Watching movies goes with noticeable audio video delay on YouTube on the iPhone, as is the case with almost all true wireless earphones. On Android, audio video synchronisation fares without problems.

Sound: A brighter Tranya T3

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In the sound quality department, the Tranya T1-Pro is another hit after the excellent Tranya T3. It's without a doubt a product coming from the same house, although there are some differences.

The most important difference between the T1-Pro and the T3 is the amount of bass in the music. Where the T3 is an absolute bass monster, the bass of the T1-Pro is a little more decent. The bass doesn't slam as heavy and it doesn't dive as deep as the T3 either, meaning the sub bass doesn't generate the same amount of rumble. Make no mistake however: the Tranya T1-Pro still has a very present bass, pumping and kicking when especially modern musical style demand it.

Next to a more behaving bass, the T1-Pro places vocals and upper mids more forward, making them the centre of the music. Highs extend further than on the T3, making the sound brighter and delivering more clarity in male and female vocals.

The emphasis on upper mids has a victim: the lower mids. They have less presence than on the T3, on instruments such as bass guitars and darker piano strokes. The remarkable instrument placement within these lower mids, give the T3 a somewhat larger soundstage than the T1-Pro, and give the T3 just a little extra spark. Both sound pleasantly airy though.

Whether the T1-Pro or the T3 is the more detailed sounding wireless earphone, can change per song. Songs full of higher notes shine easy on the T1-Pro. Songs requesting a lot of bass and lower tones, can sound more full and juicy on the T3.

Overall, the sound of the Tranya T1-Pro is more balanced than on the Tranya T3 - with a bit of soundstage as the tradeoff.


The Tranya T1-Pro is a more balanced sounding version of the excellent bass monster that is the Tranya T3. The smaller earpieces of the Tranya T1-Pro don't really combine with the controls though - which require too much force to remain comfortable.


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Note: Tranya sent me the T1-Pro for free to me, to test and review. I test and review all audio products equally honest however - read about it here.

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