Tronsmart Spunky Pro review: A huge improvement

TWS true wireless earphones - under $50

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FOUR STARS - The Tronsmart Spunky Pro is the second truly wireless earphones of the Chinese manufacturer primarily known for its Bluetooth speakers. It's better than the first one in every regard.

Specs of the Tronsmart Spunky Pro:

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • IPX5 water proof (sweat and rain resistant)

  • 3,5 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 5 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and a USB-C cable

  • $35 on AliExpress - check current price!

Design, charging and comfort

The charging case of the Tronsmart Spunky Pro looks like that of the predecessor Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds, but it's way tinier. It's also playfully designed. On top, you'll find a block pattern with colours that look like they're changing when you move it around. And here too, you pop the lid open with a press on the side of the case. When it's opened, you slide the cover to the side to get the earpieces out. It may not be the most sturdy construction, but it's an addictive one you'll keep fiddling with.

The case has more nice features. You can charge it wirelessly and via USB-C. On the outside, four LED lights indicate battery status. Whereas the battery on the Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds depleted way too fast, Tronsmart now promises the case holds up battery for two months. The case can recharge the earpieces up to 5 times fully, giving them a class-standard 3,5 hours of playback every charge.

The earpieces are delightfully compact. They have a bean-like shape on the inside and rest comfortably in your ear. A small bump on the downside makes sure the fit is tight enough. The ear tips aren't too big either: the Spunky Pro comes with three sizes of short rubber tips that don't feel too full in your ear canal.

Unlike the previous Tronsmart, the Spunky Pro is less recommended for sports due to missing ear hooks to keep them secure in your ear under extreme circumstances. Gracefully, the fit is tight enough for regular daily use and very comfortable at that.

Connectivity and controls

Tronsmart truly sets an example when it comes to touch controls on the Spunky Pro: controlling the earpieces is a breeze, once you know you have to wait a tiny second for your input to take effect. The control scheme is smart too.

By touching either of the earpieces, you play or pause the music. Tap the right bud twice, and you skip a song, tap it three times, and you return one. On the left bud, two taps increases the volume, and three decreases it. It great to control the volume from the earpieces itself, and the Spunky Pro reacts fasts and with the right volume steps as well - take that KZ T1 TWS!

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is stable up to ten meters and even holds in areas crowded with wireless signals.

Calling and watching movies

Video playback isn't the best part of the Tronsmart Spunky Pro. On the iPhone, there's a noticeable lag in audio in the YouTube app. Audio-video synchronization is way better on services like Netflix and Amazon Prime happily. If you have an Android phone that supports Bluetooth 5.0, video playback doesn't cause any problems.

The call quality of the Spunky Pro is brilliant. You may sound a bit tinny on the other end of the line, but your voice will come through very clear almost all the time. When you're indoors, but also when you walk the city streets. The Spunky Pro blocks outside noise very effectively - it's absolutely possible to take a long phone call with these.

Sound quality of Tronsmart Spunky Pro: friendly

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The Tronsmart Spunky Pro doesn't just improve over the technical aspects of its predecessor. The sound is a stunning improvement too.

The Tronsmart Spunky Pro offers an impressive dynamic range, with controlled bass and highs, and the mids still sounding very clear. The mid-tones are, in fact, very well executed. In the upper mids, female vocals and also violins in classical pieces, sound vibrant without becoming harsh. Lower mids such as bass guitars and drums are well represented too.

If you're chasing for the same heavy bass thump as on the Encore Spunky Buds, you may be disappointed by the Spunky Pro. The bass on this one behaves way better and doesn't overpower the other frequencies either. Whereas the predecessor could sound congested, the bass has its place now.

The bass on the Spunky Pro doesn't drown out the other frequencies. It's downright competent, in fact. The sub-bass delivers a big, dark rumble on songs challenging it - such as James Blake's Limit To Your Love. The mid-bass delivers as well, with a sweet thump and overall presence.

Highs on the Spunky Pro are a bit rolled off, making them sound smoother, and darker than the competition, and also less sparkling. Competitors like the Mpow T5, the KZ T1, and Tranya T3, offer an airier, opened up sound. The soundstage on those is just plain bigger, and their instrument placement better as well. The music feels a tad more controlled, more focused on the Spunky Pro than on those. In fact, it resembles that of the excellent QCY T3 without the addition of a big boosted a bass.

The Tronsmart Spunky Pro sound signature isn't the most exciting, but it's a friend to all.


It's clear that Tronsmart wanted to improve their first true wireless earphones - because they did in all aspects. The Spunky Pro offers USB-C and wireless charging, a comfortable fit, and excellent touch controls. The friendly sound quality further completes an already great package.

Four STARS - very good

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