UiiSii TWS60 review: A bright, audiophile-aimed surprise

TWS true wireless earphones - under $50

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FOUR STARS - The UiiSii TWS60 may be the biggest surprise of truly wireless earphones under 50 dollars yet. It's a must-try if you like your bass clean and your treble emphasized.

Specs of the UiiSii TWS60:

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • IPX5 water proof (sweat and rain resistant)

  • 3,5 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and USB-C cable

  • $35 on AliExpress and Amazon US/ Europe - check current price!

Design, charging and comfort

Wow - the packaging of the UiiSii TWS60 is dangerously similar to the B&O BeoPlay E8 wireless earphones that costs around 350 dollars. It has the same size and could even have the same designer. Just like the BeoPlay E8, the charging case of the UiiSii TWS60 too has a faux-leather pattern.

The UiiSii TWS60 case comes with a chord strapped on to it, so you can easily attach it to a belt or a backpack. A strong magnet keeps the lid in its place. On the back, you'll find a micro-USB charging port, and four LED lights that indicate the battery status. The case is capable of charging the earpieces fully for 3,5 times, giving them around 3,5 hours per charge. Average scores in this price range.

The earpieces of the TWS60 are egg-shaped, starting of broad on the bottom and then becoming smaller to the top. The outside has a round - BeoPlay-like - touch-sensitive button and a blinking light on top, that doesn't blink when you play music, fortunately. On the inside, the plastic is changed for a more rubbery look and feel. The earpieces are comfortable for (my) medium-sized ears.

Connectivity and controls

The UiiSii TWS60 earpieces connect automatically when you take them out of the case and shut down again once you put them back in. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection on these truly wireless earbuds is strong. The signal is stable up to ten meters from your device, and both the connection between the earpieces and the connection to your device, keep stable in areas more crowded with wireless signals.

The touch controls on the UiiSii are responsive and fast, but they lack options. Changing the volume on the earpieces or activating the voice assistant is not possible. One tap now pauses or plays the music, two taps right makes a song skip, two touches on the left bud returns a song. A long press on either bud will shut them both off. You need to put them both on again manually to continue playing music. 

The UiiSii TWS60 also shuts off when paused for a few minutes, which can be annoying when commuting, for instance.

Calling and watching movies on UiiSii TWS60

Video playback is above average on the UiiSii TWS60. On Android phones with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, you shouldn't encounter big problems between the audio and video synchronization. On iPhone, watching videos on the YouTube app goes with some audio delay, but not as much as most competitors. On services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, synchronization fares even better, although there are times videos will not completely lip sync.

Calling is a hit and miss experience on the UiiSii TWS60. When you're in a building, the other end of the line may hear you as if you're talking into a cushion. Take it outside, and even slight wind noise can overrule your voice or make you inaudible for a few moments at all.

Sound quality of UiiSii TWS60: Bright

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The manufacturer describes the sound of the UiiSii TWS60 on the box as 'Carefully balanced mids and highs supported by generous bass.' It's a weird statement, especially if you're used to much more bass-heavy wireless earphones - like almost everything else on the market.

For most consumers, the bass on the UiiSii TWS60 can hardly be called generous. Generous would be a way to describe the bass amount of the Tranya T3 or Tranya T1-Pro, where it punches, thumps and takes the leading part in the music. Or the Beats by Dre-bass, if you really must.

On the TWS60, the bass quantity isn't generous. It's kept to a minimum to engage you in the music and to speed up dance songs. It delivers a gentle thump, yet it doesn't float, and it doesn't bloat into the lower mids. It's controlled and it's tight - something rarely seen in this price range.

If you want to get more body out of the bass by trying other ear tips or by turning up the bass in an equalizer, you'll notice its limits quickly. When emphasized, the bass crackles and struggles. It can't handle much bass boost properly.

Nope, the UiiSii TWS60 is a different beast.

The UiiSii TWS60 may be the only truly wireless earphone under $50 attempting an audiophile tuning where the bass is purely functional. The treble is where it's at on this model. There's a big emphasis on the upper mids and highs, making the TWS60 sound the most transparent, brightest offering in its price class. Female and higher pitches vocals come through with great clarity. They sound lifelike and full of nuance - with a better tonality than the also bright KZ T1 TWS for example. Guitars, violins, and cymbals can seem a little harsh, but they brim with life and detail.

The TWS60 has a medium soundstage with decent instrument placement within that space. The main downside is lower mids don't play a big part in the soundstage - because, quite frankly, they miss out a bit on the UiiSii. Compared to the Mpow T5, the texture in bass guitars, drums, and darker electronic tones are absent here. They are missing in dance songs; they are in audiophile classics from Diana Krall.

The UiiSii TWS60 presents a totally different sound signature from the entire competition. While it's bright character with a 'functional' bass and underemphasis of lower mids may need some refinement, the fact that an ultra-affordable pair of truly wireless earphones aims for an audiophile tuning, is worth huge praise. This is the industry moving forwards. There's something to chose, even under 50 dollars.


The UiiSii TWS60 has a mediocre battery life and average calling quality, but its sound signature is something else. If you like your bass controlled and/ or you’re a lover of treble - give the UiiSii TWS60 a try.

Four STARS - very good

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