Wavefun X-Pods 3 review: Good sound, great comfort

TWS true wireless earphones - under $50

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FIVE STARS - The Wavefun X-Pods 3, also available as Ytom T1, is possibly the cheapest true wireless earphone to include the AptX audio codec. Does it deliver other than sound quality too?

Specs of the Wavefun X-Pods 3/ X Pods 3/ XPods 3/ Ytom T1:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AptX codec

  • IPX7 water proof (sweat, heavy rain and shower resistant)

  • 5-6 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 5 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and USB-C cable

  • $35 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU/ UK - check current price!

The Wavefun X Pods 3, also written as Wavefun XPods 3 and X-Pods 3, are available with and without branding. It is also sold under names such as Ytom T1, Megivez and ‘W1 IPX7 water proof TWS’. This is therefore also a Megivez review, Ytom T1 review and a review of every W1 TWS that looks the same.

Design, charging and comfort

While the earpieces of the Wavefun X Pods 3/ Ytom T1 are on the bigger side, they feel very comfortable. Their insides are shaped like pebbles, and fall just right in place in the ears - even generating a secure fit. Because they're light and made from a soft material, and have touch buttons instead of actual buttons that push the earpieces deeper in your ear, it's one of the most comfortable true wireless earphones in this under 50 dollar price class. While the earpieces may look a bit big, they manage to fit smaller ears great too.

They go on a while too, holding 5 to 6 hours of playing time on a single charge, dependent on the volume you're playing music, podcasts or audiobooks with. The charging case can top them up fully 5 times, before it needs a recharge by itself via USB-C. Those are terrific stats for this price point, yet the charging case is pleasantly light and tiny. A LED light on the inside shows the current charging status. Everything is just right here.

Connectivity and controls

To make the connection on the Wavefun X Pods 3/ Ytom T1 as strong as possible, it is advisory to make the right earpiece the connecting one in your Bluetooth list. In case of the generic branded W1 TWS, the W1_R seems to establish a stronger connection than the W1_L.

The connection of the Wavefun X Pods 3/ W1 TWS is general good, but it isn't the strongest out there. When walking with the earbuds in and the device in your jeans pocket, there may be a few minor dips. It also doesn't react top of the line in areas full of wireless signals or a heavy wind, although the connection is generally perfectly steady ninety percent of the time.

Connect them to an Android device and there are even fewer problems. It may be a consequence of the AptX-codec which is not supported by iOS.

The touch controls are very well done. They react good and fast to your input, providing a slight beep as audio feedback. Touch once to pause/ play, press twice to skip a song (right earpiece) or return it (left), touch three times to activate your voice assistant. And, yes: changing the volume is also possible - by holding the earpieces. Nice.

Calling and watching movies

Watching movies goes quite well with the Wavefun XPods 3. Video playback is on point on Android, and even in the always tricky YouTube app on iPhone, the audio video delay isn't very bad. There may even be accidental lip sync moments once in a while… Happily, apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime work just fine.

Calling is perfectly possible on the X Pods 3/ Ytom T1. Your voice sounds natural and clear, as if you're calling from a phone. Noises from your surrounding do come trough a bit loud, making outside more challenging. However, in less crowded areas, the call quality is very solid.

Sound quality of X-Pods 3: clear or bassy

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If you've ever tried a Bluetooth sports earphone - you know, a ‘wireless’ earphone with a chord in between the earpieces - of Wavefun, you'd probably expect the X Pods 3 to be another bass monster. The Wavefun CAN be just that. It depends deeply on your fit.

The X Pods/ Ytom T1 TWS sort of has two sound settings. Just putting them in your ear, the X Pods deliver a balanced sound, one that sounds a bit flatter than a huge deal of the competition, with clear and bright vocals. The lower mids are to thank mostly. They do not drag the other frequencies with them, and they do not color everything too warm. Nor does the X Pods 3 sound too bright - it is a balanced sound.

It also means the bass doesn't have a prominent role. It's present in a pleasant, supportive way. The bass has its own place in the sound signature and within that space, it acts careful most of the time. When it works in bass heavier songs, it becomes clear the lower mids and the bass lack some texture and depth compared to competitors such as the Tranya T1-Pro and the formidable Mpow T5. Even though it's a bit muddy, it does know to generate a pleasant punch.

You could say the bass makes way for the mids and highs on the XPods 3. They sound top-notch, clear and clean. Bright, but not too bright. Take Lana del Rey's newer work, for example, or Kazy Lambist's Love Song. Vocals, piano's, guitars are offered a stage to shine on. Music sounds open and airy, with layers coming in from further away and up close.

However, there's a second setting. Twist the earpieces a quarter round and you get a different seal with a heavy bass and hefty lower mids. Usually, that would mean the ‘other’ fit isn't right. Here, it's like you get two sound signatures with two different fits. In this setting, however, it becomes even more clear the bass lacks texture in comparison with competitors - and can even become muddy in bass heavier songs. It may not suit the biggest audiophiles, but it's an engaging listen nonetheless.


With it's great battery life, comfort, call quality and its sweet sound, the Wavefun X-Pods 3 or Ytom T1 is a great sum of its parts. It just ticks all boxes - and is therefore one of the most complete wireless earphones you can buy under 50 dollar.

Five STARS - excellent

Buy Wavefun X-Pods 3/ check current price:

The score of this review has changed on September 13, 2019. I now award it five instead of four stars - as it is one of the most complete and comfortable packages under $50.

I bought the Ytom T1/ W1 TWS/ Wavefun X-Pods 3/ Megivez myself, to test and review. I test and review all audio products equally honest - read about it here.

Consider buying this earphone? I'd really appreciate it if you use the links in this article. It won't cost you extra, yet it will financially support me a bit in my ongoing quest for great affordable audio. <3

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