Whizzer B6 TWS review: Engaging sound, weird controls

TWS true wireless earphones - under $100

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FOUR STARS - Leave it to Whizzer to come up with original true wireless earphone designs. After the excellent sounding ‘stone’ that is the Whizzer E3, the Whizzer B6 is another set with distinct looks. How does it sound?

Whizzer B6 TWS specs:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC and AptX codec

  • IPX7 water proof (heavy rain, sweat and shower resistant)

  • 7 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 5 times

  • Comes with 3 sets ear tips and a USB-C charging cable

  • $80 on AliExpress/ Amazon US or Amazon Europe - check current price!

Below this review you can find direct comparisons between the Whizzer B6 TWS vs Sabbat E12 Ultra, Mpow T5/M5, Edifier TWS5 and Shanling MTW100.

Design, charging and comfort

You can't take a look at the Whizzer B6 without noticing it's original charging case. It doesn't have a lid - it doesn't even slide open like the Aukey T10 does. The case is a robust rubber block with two sides you pull open from each other. While the sides are still attached with a durable rubber hook, you can pull the earpieces out, one piece per side.

While the design is very original (although earlier done by the Havit G1), it does have some practical issues. It's hard to see which is the right and which is the left bud, and taking them out isn't as easy as in convenient chargers. Putting them back in, too, is quite hard due to the strong magnetic force in the case, causing the earpieces to cling on to every magnetic part. It's tricky to put the earpieces back in under normal circumstances; it's almost impossible to do so in the dark. Just keep it in mind if you like to use earphones in bed.

The earpieces itself have a bean-like shape. They are meant to wear straight up in your ear but are on the long side. The pieces of some ultra-cheap truly wireless earphones such as the QCY QS2 and Haylou GT1 are remarkably less high. Happily, if you can't wear them straight up, you can still hang them in your ear. You will have a less secure fit, but it is more comfortable. Speaking of the fit: if the Whizzer B6 fits in your ear, the fit is so tight they probably won't fall out during sports.

The specs of the Whizzer B6 are terrific. It is IPX7 waterproof and thus resistant to heavy rain, sweat, and even showers. Furthermore, it can go around 7 hours on a single battery, and the case can recharge them five times fully. The case can be charged via USB-C and wirelessly, and indicates the battery status with (overly bright) LED-lights.

One thing to note, however, is that the red version looks overly plastic-y and cheap. Unless you like it, it may be wiser to choose another color.

Connectivity and controls

The connectivity of the Whizzer B6 TWS is excellent. The Bluetooth 5.0 signal turns out stable in distances up to ten meter. It fares well when walking and cycling, with the phone in your pocket. Because you have to fiddle them out of the case, they're likely already connected once you put them in your ears.

What's great is that you can use both earphones together, or just one of them. Put one of the earpieces in the charger and continue to listen to the other one. It is a great feature, although it sometimes comes with a strange sensation the remaining earbud can suddenly change the volume level.

You control the Whizzer B6 with touches on the circle of the earbuds... and a weird control scheme. Tap twice on either of the buds to play or pause. With both three taps on the right and the left bud, you advance a track. Returning a song isn't possible. Changing the volume IS possible happily, by longer presses. With a long press of the left earbud, the volume decreases, with the right one it increases. Did they mix that up? Somewhere in this scheme, you should be able to activate the voice assistant with two touches - but it rarely does, because two taps also plays or pauses the music. The Whizzer B6 TWS controls are a hit and miss.

Calling and watching movies

As with many other wireless earbuds, audio-video synchronization isn't perfect in the YouTube app on the iPhone. The sync is way better on video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. With an Android smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0 support, you shouldn't encounter noticeable audio delay problems. In video apps, that is. Gaming on Android and iPhone goes with a severe delay.

As for the playback performance, the call quality of the Whizzer B6 is only average. The other end of the line will already turn the volume up when you're inside. Go outside, and you are practically inaudible, competing with even a light wind and noises around you.

Sound quality of Whizzer B6 TWS

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The biggest strength of the Whizzer B6 is its sound quality. These ear beans know how to pack a punch.

When you say punch, you say bass. The Whizzer B6 is not a bass head-level pair of true wireless earphones, but it does have a weighty, juicy bass. There's a sweet mid-bass slam that drags on a bit, yet it still strikes fast and hard to make music sound uplifting. More importantly, it's not just bass + the rest of the sound here. The bass of the Whizzer smoothens out into the lower-mids, like into darker electronic tones and drums. It doesn't sound too congested - it makes for a coherent, smooth sound.

As with most true wireless earphones, the B6 elevates its upper-mids as well. Instruments such as violins and especially vocals sound forward and up-close. The Whizzer sounds bright, but not anywhere near piercing or harsh. It sounds pleasantly warm too.

Even though the Whizzer B6 has the appealing codecs on board - AAC and AptX - the sound deliverance isn't the most detailed. When songs push the bass or highs from itself, the sound can even crackle a slight bit. The soundstage is sweet, with music coming in from all around you. Most instruments within that space are defined by a central position, however. It's hard to place them exactly.

The result of all these aspects together? A sweet, uplifiting sound without too many detail, but with an engaging bass and vocals.

Selected comparisons

Whizzer B6 vs Edifier TWS5

Just as the Whizzer, the Edifier TWS5 has elevated upper-mids and highs. There's a big difference in the sound, however. The Whizzer sounds warmer and has a more impactful bass; the Edifier sounds somewhat colder, and its bass is more gentle. Vocals have more detail on the Edifier.

Edifier TWS5 review here

Whizzer B6 vs Shanling MTW100

With their comparable pricing and battery life, the Whizzer and Shanling are direct competitors. The Whizzer B6 TWS sounds warmer and has more bass impact; the MTW100 has more detail, a bigger soundstage, more precise instrument placement, and more accurate tonality. The Shanling offers more comfort, the Whizzer a tighter fit.

Shanling MTW100 review here

Whizzer B6 vs Sabbat E12 Ultra

Just like the Whizzer B6 TWS, the Sabbat E12 Ultra has an emphasized bass and upper-mids. It can sound more shouty than the Whizzer, but also delivers a bigger soundstage and better instrument placement. Along with the fatter bass, the Sabbat sounds just a tad more uplifting.

Sabbat E12 Ultra review here

Edifier TWS5 vs Mpow T5/ M5

As one of the best earphones under $50, the Mpow T5/ M5 holds in a fight against the Whizzer. The Mpow delivers more detail in the bass-area and the lower-mids, and the different frequencies are better pronounced. Soundstage and instrument placement are better on the Mpow as well. Whizzer wins on battery life.

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The Whizzer B6 TWS is a nice package. Its battery life, function to switch between one and both earbuds, water proof level, tight fit, and engaging sound make for a convincing sum of parts. Even if it's not for sports, it's easy to enjoy using these.

FOUR STARS - very good

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