Whizzer E3/ T2 review: Mostly great wireless earbuds shaped like a stone

TWS true wireless earphones - under $50

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THREE STARS - The Whizzer E3/ T2 has a unique, eyecatching case designed like a stone. It sounds great, but read carefully - before you want to toss the E3 around... like a stone.

Specs of the Whizzer E3 (also known as Whizzer T2 TWS):

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • IPX7 water proof (sweat, heavy rain and shower resistant)

  • 4+ hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and micro-USB cable

  • $30 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU/ UK - check current price!

The Whizzer E3 is also sold as Whizzer T2 TWS and WLPT T2 TWS. This then is a Whizzer E3 review, a Whizzer T2 review and a WLPT T2 TWS review.

Design, charging and comfort

You either love the looks of the Whizzer E3, or you hate it. The case has the design of a stone, with an asymmetrical shape and a rough texture on top. Say all you want about Whizzer's choice, but this is a well-thought-out design you may even buy this truly wireless earphone specifically for.

On the bottom, the 'stone' consists of shiny white plastic, where you will find the micro-USB charging port and four green LED-lights to indicate the charging status. The case doesn't have the strength of a stone when you open it, however, as the hinge seems quite vulnerable.

The earpieces itself have the shape of little pebbles as well. They have the same colors and texture as the case, on the outside and inside. They are small in your ears too, almost comparable to the delightfully compact Haylou GT1, and stay in place perfectly once you put the right ear tips on them. On the center of the pieces is a little grey, tactile button. More on that later.

The battery life of the Whizzer E3 is good for the price. It lasts north of four hours on a single charge and can be recharged up to four times fully by the stone.

Connectivity and controls

Now, let me start being a little more personal and save you a lot of trouble.

Initially, I thought the Whizzer E3 had a mayor manufacturing mistake. Every time I opened the charging case, the earpieces automatically entered pairing mode. It didn't matter whether I was connected to the left, right or both buds in the Bluetooth list (all connections are dubbed as E3 by the way, to make it more confusing), and whether I was using my iPhone or Android device.

The booklet of the E3 states that you should have an automatic stereo connection once you've connected the earpieces to your device for the first time. But it didn't. All the time, it just entered pairing mode again.

Then, I discovered a workaround.

Press both buttons on the earpieces around 35 seconds. The earpieces will turn off and on again, but continue to hold the buttons until you hear a beep. The earpieces are then reset. Put them back in the case. Remove your current E3-connections in your Bluetooth-list. Then take them out again.

Now, the E3 finally connects when opening the charging case.

This issue is something to take into account. The E3 may frustrate you with this process probably at least once, maybe even more often.

The controls on the earpieces are decent. You have to press them to control them, but you won't hurt your ears pushing the earpieces a bit deeper. A single press plays or pauses, price twice on the right bud to skip a song and press the left bud twice to return one. You can activate your voice assistant by holding one of the buttons for two seconds. The only other option is turning the earpieces off, by holding any button for five seconds. Changing the volume is not possible, unfortunately.

Calling and watching movies

Calling is something you shouldn't be doing with the Whizzer E3, because, well... you barely can't. The other end of the line will probably not hear you at all - even when there is next to no noise from your surroundings.

Audio-video synchronization is excellent on Android smartphones, and on iPhone too, gaming or watching Netflix or Amazon Prime, shouldn't cause audio delays. In the YouTube-app on iPhone, the synchronization is off, unfortunately. It is a problem that exists on almost every pair of true wireless earbuds.

Sound quality of Whizzer E3/ T2: Joyful

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Who knew a stone could bring so much joy to your ears? The Whizzer E3 (or Whizzer T2) sounds hugely entertaining.

The bass response of the E3 is big. It doesn't push away vocals and instruments in songs, but it does deliver a steady and pleasant thump. The sub-bass can provide a sweet rumble as well, in songs like James Blake's Limit to your Love.

On top of the bass, Whizzer's TWS offers nice and thick upper-mids and decent highs, making male and female vocals sound full. When you turn the volume up a bit, they take the central role in musical pieces. Mid-instruments like guitars, cellos, and drums don't have the most detail, but they still get enough room and sound sweet, especially on lesser crowded songs. The soundstage of the E3 is average. Songs sound just as closeby as they sound around you.

The E3 colors music warm, also thanks to the fact that lower-pitched instruments such as bass guitars dissolve into the bass a little bit. It takes away some of the detail in the bass area, but it doesn't kill the fun. They only thing that does a bit, is the emphasized drums frequency, which can crackle a bit at the highest volumes. Speaking of which: it seems the E3 can go quite a bit louder on iPhone than on Android devices. If you have the latter and love to listen on very loud volumes, this set may not be for you.

Overall though, the Whizzer E3/ T2 offers a very pleasing, coherent sound signature that is just a joy to listen.

Selected comparisons

Whizzer E3 vs QCY QS2

The Whizzer E3/ T2 sounds quite a bit like the amazing sounding QCY QS2, especially when it comes to the warmth in the sound. The E3 has a bigger, fatter bass with a more uplifting character. The bass of the QS2 is more minimal, but when it strikes, it goes deeper. Upper-mids and highs have a little more detail and emphasis on the QCY, and instrument separation is better. The Whizzer sounds fuller.

Full QCY QS2 review

Whizzer E3 vs Wavefun X-Pods 3

The likewise priced and excellent allrounder Wavefun X-Pods 3 (or Ytom T1), also combines a warm sound signature with a pumping bass. The Wavefun-bass hits harder, but its also muddier. The X-Pods go a bit further into the highs and have a little more detail in vocals; the E3 sound fuller.

Full Wavefun X-Pods 3/ Ytom T1 review

Whizzer E3 vs Mpow T5/ M5

The Mpow T5/ M5 is just a little bit more expensive than the E3, and its charging case is far from as fun, but the Mpow T5 holds the crown as the best sounding TWS true wireless earphone under 50 dollar. Its bass goes deeper, its lower-mids sound more detailed and the soundstage is bigger. The E3 sounds fuller.

Full Mpow T5/ M5 review

Whizzer E3 vs Edifier TWS1

If it's battery life that counts, it's hard to overlook the Edifier TWS1. It's available for the same price as the Whizzer, but offers a whopping 7-8 hours of playtime on a single charge. The actual buttons on the E3/ T2 control much better than the touch controls on the Edifier. The Whizzer has a warm, bassy and full sound - the Edifier sounds thinner, a bit colder and is way less focused on bass.

Full Edifier TWS1 review coming soon


The Whizzer E3/ T2 isn't just one of the most original designed pair of cheap true wireless earphones. This stone offers decent battery life and a joyful sound too. Just be prepared for a hard reset once... or even more often.

Three stars - worth considering

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