Xiaomi Redmi Airdots review: This time, they're good

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FOUR STARS - The first Xiaomi AirDots may have catched serious hype; they weren't all that good. The second time around, the newly released and now called Xiaomi Redmi Airdots are a solid offering for iPhone and Android users.

Specs of the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec

  • +-3 hours listening on a full charge

  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 3 times

  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and a micro-USB cable

  • $20 on AliExpress or Amazon US/ EU/ UK - check current price

Design, charging and comfort

The earpieces of the Redmi Airdots are pleasantly compact, and fit well in smaller and (my) medium sized ears. They go in medium deep - enough for a tight fit, not too much to build up pressure in the ear. The only time when they apply pressure, is when you do. The touch sensitive button of the first generation made its way for a real button now.

The case can charge the earpieces up to three times fully. The earpieces itself last for about three hours until the Redmi give you a low battery warning - in Chinese by the way, but you'll get the point.

The case and the earpieces are among the nicest designs you can get for 20 dollar. They look playful and stylish.

Connectivity and controls

Thankfully, pairing and connecting is a breeze on the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots. Taking both earpieces out of the charging case, is enough to pair them to each other, and they'll simply disconnect when putting them back in. The original XIaomi AirDots had major pairing problems - it's great to see they're gone.

Xiaomi still could have made better button choices however. By pressing once, you play/ pause and take a call, but there's no way to skip a track here or change the volume. Pressing twice instead activates your voice assistant, like Siri. How often do you need that?

Calling and watching movies

There are no TWS earphones with this bean-shaped form factor that offer outstanding call quality, and the Redmi Airdots are no exception. Calls sound a bit tinny and somehow put an emphasis on ssss, but come trough clear enough in most cases.

Watching video is a joy on either Android or iPhones however: the audio syncs with the video nears perfect on the always demanding YouTube app. Upon writing this, the Redmi Airdots and the Anomoibuds Capsule are the only two 25 dollar true wireless earphones delivering no video delay on iPhone.

Sound: Clarity first

The Redmi Airdots (in black) are smaller than the original AirDots (in white). They also have a physical button instead of a touch button

The Redmi Airdots (in black) are smaller than the original AirDots (in white). They also have a physical button instead of a touch button

Sound quality wasn't the problem on the first Xiaomi AirDots, and it isn't on the second generation. Clarity is the main power of the Redmi Airdots, with instruments like violins, piano, jazz instruments and especially (female) vocals coming in crystal clear. Even while on the move, the Redmi Airdots will sound pleasing to podcast and audiobook lovers.

Unfortunately, the lower tones are the victim of this sound signature. Instruments like bass guitars, cello's or darker electronic tones play a mere side role in music often. The bass is even more pushed away, reduced to providing some sub bass rumble when its absolutely unavoidable in bass heavy tracks, but providing little else apart from it. People looking for an uplifting bass slam, are better off looking at the Anomoibuds Capsule or Haylou GT1. Both offer more detail in the mids too - by the way. The Airdots aren't in the front row when it comes to sound quality.

By cranking up the bass in your smartphone of Spotify equalizer, the bass of the Redmi Airdots does get more full happily. It just never reaches extreme bass lover levels.

Mind you: that can also be a plus for you. The amount of bass is a taste thing after all.


The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots is a solid choice for most. Audio syncs with video perfectly, its earpieces are comfortable and it may be the most stylish truly wireless earphone you can get for 20 dollar. It just doesn't offer the best music quality in its class.


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